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  • 1. TIPS ON BUYING A SOLAR WATER HEATERAre you looking to buy a solar water heater, then you should consider thefollowing.1) A suitable site - normally solar water heaters are installed on the roof to capture all the energy of the sun. Ensure that youre roof can get direct sunlight between 10am and 4pm all through the year, preferable at an angle of 15. Your roof or roofing tiles should be sturdy enough to support the system2) Make a good study of the solar water heater system that is appropriate for you. Have discussion with suppliers, contractors and let them help you decide on the system that is optimum for you3) Estimate the capacity you need: To be able to make this estimate, start at the gallon capacity of the water heater that you currently use. And make additions to it according to extra fitting that will be in the loop like additional faucets, showers, dishwasher etc4) Buy from a reputed manufacturer such as V Guard Industries.5) Find a good contractor: get yourself an experienced contractor to install the solar water heating system. Installing a solar water heater in your home has to be done with utmost care as it often involves running pipes through walls6) For the contractor: ask for cost in writing, references, and check if the contractor follows all local building rules for installation of solar water heaters7) Look for Government rebates: The government offers many kinds of rebates on the price and installation costs of setting solar water heaters. Search for them and avail its benefits. Make sure you check the eligibility rules and qualify for them before you make your purchase8) After you make your purchase, regular maintenance of your system is imperative to ensure efficient working of your solar water heater. A few pointers on maintenance are-Make sure the collector is clean.Check if the collector sealing or glazing is cracked or yellowingCheck is the fasteners keeping the collector to the roof are properPiping & wiring are insulated and without damageRoof penetration is well sealedEnsure that the solar water heaters pressure relief valve is notfully opened nor closedThat the pumps in the system get activated when the sun isshining

2. That there are no blockages or mineral build up in the pipesIf water is hard water, then a descaling compound is to be usedevery few yearsBefore you embark on such an important decision as buying a solar waterheater, follow the above tips, do your research and finally make a properdecision.