Top reasons why office cleaning is essential

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<ol><li> 1. Company Profile When it comes to communicating the inherent value of your business to customers, management and staff, a clean and hygienic environment is vital. At Sharper Cleaning, we know that cleanliness is a key factor to the first impression your premises will make, which is why we approach every service from this viewpoint. We have secured business on the basis of our track record when competing against larger, formidable organisations and have developed a reputation for being able to tackle technically complex, unusual and often demanding service requirements. We never compromise on quality and are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional and effective cleaning services. Thats why so many respected companies choose us and trust us with the servicing of their properties and why we continue to have strong, ongoing relationships with them.Our People At Sharper Cleaning, we build great people. Our people are fundamental to the way we do business. We produce hygienically clean commercial environments, which add value to the corporate image or our clients. We do this by developing a human organisation. Sharper Cleaning is a vibrant business that validates the worth of every individual and allows people to be the people they were meant to beworking towards a common purpose of providing a thorough and consistent commercial cleaning service. The most successful relationships are with people who have the same beliefs.Sharper Cleaning Pty Ltd. | 24/3 Westside Avenue, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 | Phone: 1300 309 338 </li><li> 2. Reasons Why Clean is Also Safe When It Comes to Your Office Being an employee in the 21st century is different from how it was years ago. People today work longer shifts and weekly hours. In order to keep your employees safe and healthy, one of the most important factors to consider is your workplace cleanliness. Making a mess could mess up your employees thinking. Although a little clutter here and there may seem harmless, they could, in fact, impact your staffs concentration. For instance, on a survey done at an advertising company in the United States, brainstorming for advertising pitches became too stressful if they see rubbish around the area. It makes them easily lose track of their thoughts and disrupts their brainstorming process. According to psychologists, seeing a clean and organized area gives us the sense of control, and fosters creative thinking and problem solving skills. A large company entails increased risks for cross-contamination. Having plenty of people in your workspace also means that more people are present to contaminate each other. Infection from harmful viruses and bacteria can happen through airborne, droplet, or contact transmission. When a person sneezes, droplets containing the harmful pathogen can travel all over the enclosed air-conditioned unit; when a worker blows his nose and touches the coffee kettle handle, the next person may get infected; and whenever twopeople shake hands, the skin-to-skin contact can spread pathogens. In order to minimize the spread of infection that could impact your staffs attendance and mindfulness at work, ask cleaners to regularly disinfect the area at the end of the day. You may also have harmless antibacterial or antiviral solutions sprayed into air vents to sanitize the air. Why stress should always be made less. From the points stated earlier, it is clear that an environment that is not conducive for working can cause increased stress levels in offices, be it from untidy surroundings or from extra pressure of catching up on workloads after sick leaves. Considering that modern workers are faced with more challenging goals at work, added stress levels can be detrimental to their health. Stress causes the increase in the hormone known as cortisol. Long-term exposure to cortisol puts people at the increased risk for numerous health problems such as depression, anxiety, digestive problems, weight gain, heart diseases, sleep irregularities, and memory or concentration impairment. Investing on professional cleaners. Hiring an experienced cleaning company makes it easier for you to maintain the workplace. Cleaners are equipped with the right amount of men and materials to provide you with best results. Keep in mind that a workplace is kept safe not only from building sturdy structures around it. Safety also comes from keeping the surroundings, neat, clean, and hygienic. Employers should always prioritize the welfare of their staff for optimum performance and productive rewards.Sharper Cleaning Pty Ltd. | 24/3 Westside Avenue, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 | Phone: 1300 309 338 </li><li> 3. Sneaky Areas that Put Your Employees at Risk in the Workplace If you think that a little dusting or sweeping is all it takes to keep your office clean, then you are definitely misinformed. There are a few unexpected areas wherein germs and harmful microbes harbor and multiply. Being aware of these could help you keep your staff healthy and productive in the workplace. Computer Stations Almost all offices have computer stations. As much as these areas look sleek and modern, they are also spaces where microorganisms such coliforms hoard. Most cleaners miss these places since computers do not really look like they need cleaning. Keep in mind that most microbes, as their name suggests, are microscopic. Have the computers keyboard, monitor, mouse, track pads, microphone, and wires disinfected regularly. To keep them protected, see to it that they are turned off and use disinfecting products that cause the least moisture.contamination occurs. For staff members who are expected to be using phones a lot, consider installing an personal unit for them on their office. Also, if you have a public telephone for everyones use during break times, try to minimize the number of people using it by asking them to use their own mobile devices for calls that are unrelated to work. Coffee and Tea Stations Your coffee brewer and tea maker, if regularly used and rarely disinfected, is a place where bacteria such as E. coli may multiply. A study has shown that 40 percent of kettle handles contain higher levels of bacteria than an average toilet door. If E. coli infects an employee, it would take them five to seven days to recover. This could affect your production and office operations, especially if there is no one else present to take over the sick persons roles. The Reception Area Sad as it seems, your receptionist may be the person who has the greatest risk for sickness in the workspace. He or she is the one who is most exposed to different people coming in and out of your office. Not only that, they are also the first ones likely to be infected first. To add, the reception desk is also where most people touch, lean upon, offer payments, leave identification cards, or rest their bags. Cross-contamination has plenty of room to enjoy.Public Telephones Using a phone makes people bring the device close to their mouth. If, for example, a worker came in with flu and uses the phone, droplets from the workers mouth carrying the virus could be transferred into the mouthpiece. If another person uses the same phone right after and accidentally brings the mouthpiece close to his or her mouth, cross-Being aware of these sneaky areas allow you to ask your chosen cleaning company in Melbourne whether or not they include disinfection of such spaces in their services. Hiring the pros help you ensure the safest, cleanest, and healthiest workspace since they have the right men, tools, and experience to get the job done.Sharper Cleaning Pty Ltd. | 24/3 Westside Avenue, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 | Phone: 1300 309 338 </li><li> 4. Maximum Clean Equals Maximum Productivity Be it an industrial, corporate, or commercial space, keeping your working environment clean does not simply make it pleasing to the eyes it helps maximize your workers productivity as well. The more productive your workers are, the better your business grows. Minimize Clutter Modern working environments demand plenty of multitasking. Gone were the days wherein job descriptions were clear-cut. Employee roles in the twenty-first century have become very flexible. A receptionist can sit on her spot while being a social media representative or telemarketer at the same time. In order to help your employees cope with increasing job demands, occupational studies have shown that less clutter leads to more organized behavior and better problemsolving skills. A cluttered area can also clutter ideas in a persons head, causing inefficient work outputs and delayed results. Stay Sanitary Sanitation should not be limited to health care establishments and clinics. No matter what time of workspace, sanitation is a must in order to prevent the spread of harmful microbes. In a recent experiment that sampled corporate offices in New York and San Francisco, it was found that an ordinary workers desk contains at least 500 species of bacteria. Scheduling weekly office sanitation can minimize risk of contamination andsickness among your employees. It is also best for team leaders to promote healthy sanitation practices such as frequent hand washing in the workplace. Keep It Bright The visual appearance of an establishment can also affect its cleanliness. Brighter spaces make it easier to spot dirt and debris. Also, natural light from windows and paint colors that make your office glow can uplift your employees moods, make them finish tasks faster, and promote positive interactions with their colleagues. Occupational psychologists have noticed that there are less reports of colleague dissatisfaction in working environments that are bright and tidy. Avoid Crowding Keeping an area clean becomes more challenging if the place is too crowded. Limit the number of people occupying a floor in your establishment and choose the right kinds of fixtures that could keep the space organized. If you are stuck with a dense area, you can create an illusion of lesser crowding by making your staffs desks face open windows instead of facing each other. This allows them to focus on the view outside rather than the tight area that they are in. Look for Industrial Cleaning Experts Keeping a workspace clean is more complicated than the cleaning that we are used to at home. It involves disinfecting electrical appliances, washing wide areas of carpeted floors, dealing with air vents, and facing wall-to-wall scrubs. Because of this, it would be wise to look for industrial cleaning experts who have flexible schedules that adapt to your companys needs. In todays workplaces, a healthy area gives rise to healthier workers who bring aboutSharper Cleaning Pty Ltd. | 24/3 Westside Avenue, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 | Phone: 1300 309 338 </li><li> 5. maximum productivity in your business. Cleaning lessens expenses on sick days and fosters a positive working ambiance.Sharper Cleaning Pty Ltd. | 24/3 Westside Avenue, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 | Phone: 1300 309 338</li></ol>