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February 22, 2012 Iphoneography: The Basics

Untapped Cities iPhoneography Workshop

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  • 1. Iphoneography:The Basics February 22, 2012

2. Why iPhone?The best camera is the one you have with you.+ 3. Why not point-and-shoot?In-camera editing & sharing is generally terrible. + 4. The Basic Camera + 5. Pros ConsQuickBasic EditingFull Resolution No FiltersEasy SharingPoor in Low Light + 6. The Essentials + 7. Instagram+ 8. What is Instagram? A hugely popular photo application that allows you to capture, edit,and share photos with a variety of retro lters. Why its unique: Nostalgia. Its the Polaroid of mobile photography. Has its own massive community of users that you can interact with via theapps built-in social network Has become the mobile industry standard for photography, allowing thephotos you take to live far beyond Instagrams social networks Limitations: All photos are square, which limits their usability outside of social. Full resolution not available, though a new update has increased it to1936x1936 (for iPhone 4)+ 9. Instagram TestBefore Instagram After Instagram + 10. Instagram Extensions + 11. Camera++ 12. What is Camera+? An all-inone photo app that allows you to capture and edit photoswithin a simple, intuitive interface. Why its unique: Clarity. A proprietary, fully auto editing option that combines elements ofHDR (Higy Dynamic Range) photo editing with traditional editing to makeany photo look exponentially better Limitations: All photos exist and must be edited within the app, not the photo album onyour phone. Does not offer de-noise, softening or blurring options.+ 13. Clarity TestBefore ClarityAfter Clarity+ 14. Pro HDR+ 15. What is Pro HDR? One of the few true HDR photo apps on iPhone Why its unique: True HDR. Takes a series of pictures, overlays them and optimizes settings. Allyou need to do is hold it still. Limitations: Works best in average lighting (not too light and not too dark) Since it does require several consecutive photos to be taken in a row, ProHDR is not conducive to action photography + 16. Pro HDR TestBefore Pro HDRAfter Pro HDR+ 17. Extras + 18. Color Splash + 19. What does it do? Allows you to paint any part of the photo black and white in order to bringout the desired color, or colors Before Color SplashAfter Color Splash+ 20. Diptic + 21. What does it do? Allows you to stitch relevant photos together in a tasteful collageBefore DipticAfter Diptic+ 22. Percolator + 23. What does it do? Morphs any photo into a highly interesting piece of art using a variety ofgeometrical options. Before Percolator After Percolator + 24. Happy Shooting!+