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<ol><li> 1. SMSJOSH </li><li> 2. Bulk SMS Service in India- We are registered Telemarketer in India. We are providing Bulk SMS services in India. We are connected with multiple providers to provide best SMS services at affordable cost. </li><li> 3. SMS is one of the powerful marketing tools to interact with others and express ideas about certain things with out mediating a person or with marketing people. </li><li> 4. We specialize in improving operational performance and IT delivery. We do this by improving the way our clients use people, processes and technologies. </li><li> 5. Promotional SMS Transactional SMS </li><li> 6. Promotional SMS are used to promote your business services or products like sales &amp; marketing messages. We can send the SMS by using our database or client database. Premium Pack From 8ps/sms </li><li> 7. Transactional Bulk SMS are used to send alert and informational messages to registered users. You can use our secured HTTP API to integrate with your Website/ Application to send sms to your customers. Now We Can Say That Bulk SMS Helpful &amp; Innovative Technique For Marketing. Transactional Pack From 15ps/sms </li><li> 8. Now We Can Say that Bulk SMS are Helpful &amp; Innovative Technique For Marketing. </li><li> 9. Low Cost Timeless Unlimited SMs in a Single Click More Safe And Secured Short Code Services </li><li> 10. Request For A Demo Video SMS JOSH #202,Achyut Mansion, Second Floor, S R Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 038. Phone: 040 - 4017 8637 </li><li> 11. THANK YOU </li></ol>


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