Capture your moments of joy with the best in professional photography

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  • capture your moments of joy with the best in professional photography

    January 18 , 2017 , New Delhi : - Amba photo studio is a premier photography services providers

    in range of photographer from wedding to cinematography to film making with the best available

    technology and professionals .

    Amba photo studio offers the best photography services with the latest equipments and tools by the

    professionals . The services are offered at cost effective ranges . The professionals of the company

    offers services in cinematography to photography and film making . The creative work of the

    professionals is a visual treat for the clients.

    There are reasons which makes it compelling to take the services of Top Professional

    Photographers In Delhi of the amba photo studio . The foremost reason is that the services are

    provided without any hassle . The second is that the services are easy approachable and

    professionals are within reach with on mails , face book , and on phone . The third is that if, in

    unlikely event , the client is not satisfied with the work , the studio professionals are willing to do

    the entire work free for the client .

    The services of the studio are at offers for weddings, fashion shows and events , products

    advertisements , lifestyle , wide life film making and photography , travel , private and commercial

    events , architecture , ambiance , fine art , real estate and interiors , studio portraits ,documentary ,

    film making , fictional , corporate functions , promotional films and ads , educational , E learning

    projects and script writing .

  • The package of the wedding includes , Candid Photographer in Delhi unlimited style of shooting ,

    shooting in raw , blog and teaser images , individual hand imaging editing , providing the raw

    image to clients and speedy delivery of the results to clients . The packages of the studio start from

    250 US $ .

    About the company

    Amba photo studio is a premier a photography services provider studio in the national capital . The

    services of the studio can be taken for any events and occasion from private parties to corporate

    function and wide life tours . The company has been a regular photography services provider for the

    university of Delhi and JNU for last so many years . The professionals of the studio has captured

    many memorable events and moments in the hostel and college life of the university . All the

    services are at affordable cost and come with the best technology and tools in the photography

    world .

    Company details --

    Building No. A-3, Patel Chest,

    New Delhi, Delhi 110007





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