Care of the bedridden elderly

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Old age homes 6 branches in Hyderabad, Elderly gated communities at Hyderabad, Coimbatore and branches at Visakhapatnam, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune

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2. Popularsaying isReal lifestartsafter40 yrs.There isno dayWithoutpainAfter 40 yr 3. Earningstartsbetween20-25 YrsGloballyresponsibility up to 60yrs usually 4. Job/businessTargets,rearingchildren,helping tosettle themin their life 5. For sometaking Care ofparents, sistersBrothers maybe relatives,friends.Acquiringproperties 6. Apart from wife,Your Familymembers healthRUN-RUN-RUNYou may be anATM to familyfor decades notime for you 7. Sweet 60 yrs abreatherresponsibilitiesCompleted.Retired orbusinesshanded overto progeny 8. Second inningsFor majoritygo back topassion, keepup goodhealth.Children areaway 9. Community lifeHelps you to shareAnd care, relax,Reminisces, fadingHealth need avent EldersRetreat isThe best way 10. You are luckyYou havewhatYour parentsDont haveabout 30 yrsback in India 11. Elders Retreat(Retirement Homes)Community Living 12. Goldage thename to reckonin south Indiafrom 1990 weare strivinghard to makeOld age asGoldage 13. Serving the needywith 6 branches atHyderabad also atVisakhapatnamChennai, Pune,Bangalore andCoimbottore with2500 beds also bedridden elderly 14. Offering array ofservices at firstretirement homePranaam 1stelder gatedcommunity atHyderabad with330 familiesfrom 2000 15. Efficiently handlingFood, Health,EntertainmentAssisted carePhysio TherapyAmbulanceIn housed doctorMaintenanceServe with smile 16. Currently thebiggest chain insouth India with12 branches andelder retreat atHyderabad andby Jan 2015 atCoimbottoreHaving 2500 +beds withbed side carefor the needyofferLong/ shortStay as neededat affordablecost to majority 17. Goldage ad-vantageovercomparatorsyou can changeyour place ofstay among ourbranches invarious citiesOptions OfferedVisakhapatnamHyderabad6 BranchesPranaamRetirement HomeAt HyderabadBangaloreChennaiCoimbottore 18. Going abroadLeave your elderswith us fortemporary CAREBedridden inaccident, paralysis,amputation caseswe take care 19. Our strengthsUninterrupted services for over 25 yrsInspiring managementDedicated & trained staffWe offer patient care at door stepPhysio therapy at your door stepHome nursing for the needyWe have about 1000 + staff in various categoryWe are customer centeredIndustry bench marked us for servicesWe have ambulance & resident doctorsOld age is Goldage here 20. For more infowww.goldage.inhealthxlnc@gmail.com98480 13958