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  2. 2. Tour Guiding Series Vision, Mission, Objectives Gap Analysis : Where India is Where India want to be FTA and FEE SWOT Analysis External Analysis: Resources and Capabilities, Five Force Driving PESTE Analysis Market Segmentation Internal Analysis: Value Chain Analysis Control 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP Outlines of Presentation
  3. 3. Tour Guiding Series VISION 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP With Adoption of Sustainable Tourism approach, Tourism and Travel industry will be bought to a leading position for leveraging the rate of employment and regional development and it will be assured that India becomes a world brand in Tourism and major destination in the list of top ten countries receiving the highest number of tourist and highest tourism revenue by 2025
  4. 4. MISSION 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP (i) To develop India as one of the most preferred tourist destinations and to increase the number of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) to 156million by 2019. (ii) To promote more vigorously the domestic tourism in the country and to increase the number of Domestic Tourist Visits to 1 billion by 2025 (iii) To substantially reduce the gap in the availability of skilled manpower in the hospitality sector and to create necessary educational and training infrastructure.
  5. 5. Tour Guiding Series MISSION 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP (iv) To facilitate the improvement in the quality of existing tourism infrastructure and encourage the creation of new infrastructure. (v) To facilitate the augmentation of accommodation for the tourists specifically budget category accommodation. (vi) To promote sustainable tourism in the country and development of niche tourism products. (vii) To further strengthen the measures for tourists safety and security and improving the quality of tourism services
  6. 6. Tour Guiding Series OBJECTIVES 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP (I) Development of Tourism Infrastructure in the country including niche products. (ii) Promotion and marketing to increase the visibility of Indian tourism sector. (iii) Developing HRD infrastructure in the hospitality sector to meet the growing demand of quality human resource.
  7. 7. Tour Guiding Series OBJECTIVES 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP (iv) Develop hotel accommodation of requisite standards in the country to meet the growing demand. (v) Undertaking Surveys, studies and compilation of statistics in the field of tourism for policy advice and knowledge sharing with stakeholders. (vi) To facilitate quality of services to tourists in the country
  8. 8. Tour Guiding Series Where India is ..?????? 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP Population: 1.3 bn people Area : 3.29 Millions square kilometers Top Tourism Destination Rank : 42 Total GDP Contribution : 7.5% (2014) Foreign Travel Arrival : 74.62lakhs (2014) Foreign Exchange Earning : $19.657Bn (2014) Employment Contribution : 22.36Millions Jobs (4.9% of Total jobs, 2013) Investment : $32.3Bn (6.3% of total in 2013) World Ranking(2013) : Absolute 13 Contribution to GDP : 135 Long Term Growth : 24
  9. 9. Tour Guiding Series Tourism industry-where are we 6.8% Contribution to GDP. 42nd position globally and 16th most visited country. Domestic tourism contributes to 3 4th of the tourism economy with 6.97 Million foreign tourist arrivals in 2013 Annual Growth of 5.9% over the previous year. Becoming a promising sector for FDIs. All these can be accounted to GoIs initiative Incredible India which Marketed and Promoted to next level in Tourism. 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP
  10. 10. Tour Guiding Series Foreign Tourist Arrivals(FTA) AND Foreign Exchange Earnings(FEE) After the launch of Incredible India, India saw considerable increase in arrival of Foreign Tourists. Foreign tourist inflows in India is predicted to grow at an average annual rate of 8.8 percent in the coming decade. 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP
  11. 11. Tour Guiding Series Contd., Foreign exchange earnings (FEE) from tourism grew by 19.8 percent in rupee terms in February 2013. This also indicates an impressive growth in the exchange earnings per tourist. Foreign tourists tend to spend more in India than almost any other country worldwide. 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP
  12. 12. Tour Guiding Series India wants to go by 2025.. 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP Total GDP Contribution : 10% Foreign Travel Arrival : 1.5Crs Foreign Exchange Earning : $30Bn Employment Contribution : 40 Millions Jobs Investment : $80Bn Tourism Destination Rank : IN Top 20 Countries
  13. 13. Tour Guiding Series STRENGTHS 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP SWOT Analysis of Indian Tourism Indias Major Strength is its Geography. Vast diversity in Population and Historic attractions are important drivers of Tourists arrival. Climate of India is also a inviting dimension. In most places weather it is tolerable and Monsoon doesnt delay much. Local Blend makes India a unique place to visit. Natural Resources are abundant in India, but Infrastructural Development is needed very importantly which can be a main Competitive Advantage. In terms of Banking Facility India has a sound banking system.
  14. 14. Tour Guiding Series Weakness 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP SWOT Analysis of Indian Tourism Sanitation and Infrastructure has to be seriously concentrated which is highly attributed to Competitiveness. Incase of Railways and Airways India is constantly developing and trying to match International Standards. Better Roadways and Ease of access to places are to be Improved. In Security & safety-India is highly lacking on this attribute of competitiveness. The major reasons being the internal community riots and also the terrorist attacks faced from time to time. Behavior of country residents-India is particularly lacking on this ground as there is lack of education among the taxi/auto rickshaw drivers and the service providers of tourism in India. Man-Made attractions like Amusement Parks, adventure sports need strengthening.
  15. 15. Tour Guiding Series Prospects of Indian Tourism The industry can benefit from introduction of new forms of tourism and development of niche segments. Indian Medical Strengths are vast and it has a great potential in this. Medical Tourism can attract many Foreign Tourists. India holds immense potential in adventure and cruise tourism. Indias greatest adventure tourism assets are Himalayas and its mighty river Development of adventure tourism can make India a round-the-year tourist destination, However strong efforts need to be made to develop this industry Frequent depreciation of Rupee and developing nations attention towards development of Tourism can be a threat. Prospects of Indian Tourism
  16. 16. Tour Guiding Series Competition(2014) External Analysis India France Turkey China Destination Rank 42 1 7 3 FTA(Millions) 7.462 82 27 128.5 Revenue($Bn) 19.6 35 22 56 Contribution to GDP(%) 7.5 6.3 6 10 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP
  17. 17. Tour Guiding Series Resources and Capabilities 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP Financial Resources Physical Human Technological FDI Unique Architectures Large Population E-Connectivity in Cities & Rural Area* Central Govt. Tourism Grant Hill Stations & Adventures Adequate Skill Persons Ease of Internet Excess State Govt. Tourism Grant Deserts Connectivity with Major Cities By Air Tie up with Foreign Countries for Joint Ventures Beaches Longest Railway and Road network Temples
  18. 18. Tour Guiding Series External Analysis-Five Force Driving 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP Providers Barriers Customers Competition From Popular Destinations France China Turkey Tourists!!! Inbound and outbound Airlines & Railways Travel Agents Hotel Government Cultural issues Global mindset Ease of access Language Security New Entrances Vietnam Malaysia Philippines
  19. 19. Tour Guiding Series Political Impact Current political party has a strong Majority and Political Instability cannot be a affecting Factor. Relationship with neighboring countries can greatly help in development and current PM is taking lots of initiatives to build relationship with many countries. Recent development plans has created a International Representation for India which is a major Advantage. External Analysis-PESTE Analysis POLITICAL
  20. 20. Tour Guiding Series Economic factor Economic conditions has been getting better from last decade and so people are now spending much on tours and travelling. The domestic tourism has also been spreading its wings and adding much more to tourism industry. FEE is also a increasing which is a positive factor. Which in turn will also helps in Improving GDP. External Analysis-PESTE Analysis ECONOMIC
  21. 21. Tour Guiding Series Social Impact India is a country of various religion and has oldest culture which drives more and more foreigners to visit the country. Vastness of the Culture make tourists to feel India a better place to visit. Huge population is a advantage and majority of Young population is a added advantage. This has helped Tourism Industry to grow is a faster Phase. External Analysis-PESTE Analysis SOCIAL
  22. 22. Tour Guiding Series Social Impact Ease of doing E-transaction for payments Mobile Apps for destination information Connect leading destinations information within single window. External Analysis-PESTE Analysis TECHNOLOGY
  23. 23. Tour Guiding Series 6/21/2015 INDIAN TOURISM - SMBP External Analysis-Collaboration FRANCHAISES: Identifying Potential Destinations for development collaboration with International Tourism Leaders( i.e. French, USA, Turkey ) i.e. ; Hong Kong had in partnership with U.K. for i