Preparing for your Next Interview

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  • Preparing for Your Next Interview

    Charlotte Flatley International Recruitment


  • This is a snippet from our Interview Guide to help you in preparing for your next interview. At Pro Resume Write we have multiple experienced Recruitment Specialists ready

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  • Preparing with the Recruiter

    Do not be afraid to ask the Recruitment Specialist relevant questions about the interview process, for example;

    How many people will be attending on the day?

    How long will the interview go for?

    Is there anything that I need to bring with me?

    Would they mind sending you a copy of the advertisement with the interview confirmation, so you may fully prepare beforehand? etc.

  • Avoid Questions Like

    How many people are you interviewing?

    What do you think my chances are?

    How much money are you paying? etc.

    At this stage it is too early in the process to begin asking questions around remuneration and benefits. If you press on this subject it can make the relationship awkward, just understand that if they are able to share it with you they will.

  • The Interview Process

    A good Recruiter will talk you through what will happen on the day of the interview.

    They should cover,

    Who will be there How long it will go for and where it will be

    They will then send you an interview confirmation for you to refer to, but it is always a good idea to jot down the details just in case.

  • Interview Structure

    The Recruitment Specialist will describe their particular method, it is very important that you understand and have clear expectations of what is involved and what you need to prepare for.

    A popular method with organisations is behavioural interviewing combined with competency based questions

    some specific positions may require you to do a presentation also.

  • Brief description of the Company The function of the position The key responsibilities of the role The technical and non-technical skill set the preferred

    candidate should possess

    The companies values and preferred candidates personal attributes

    The best way to prepare for an interview of any kind is to ensure that you are 100% familiar with the information stated in the advert. The advertisement will generally highlight;

  • Go through each point of the advert and look for synergies with your own experience. Pose each of these points to yourself as a question and using your experience answer it.

    Follow the STAR technique included in this guide when practicing the answers to your questions. This technique or ones similar are most likely to be used during the interview itself, so it is important that you have taken the time to remember the details of relevant events.

  • Be sure to research the company thoroughly

    Know what the business is about The recent ventures it has been involved in, Is it a local or global company, Where does it sit in its specific market, How is it tracking with its projects etc. You will not normally be quizzed on this in the interview but do not be surprised if you are asked what you know about the company.

  • Values

    It is important to know what the companys values

    There will normally be a question or two related to these or behavioural questions written to be in line with them.

    The company will be assessing to see how your personal values match with theirs and are you a good culture fit for the company.

  • Prepare Your Questions

    The interview is going to be the perfect time for you to ask the interviewers any questions you may have, do not waste this opportunity!

    Before the interview, ensure you have a list of questions you would like to ask.

    This will demonstrate to the interviewers that you have thought about the position in depth, as long as your questions are appropriate this will be seen as favourable by the interviewers.

    The interviewer should introduce this section, however, if this is missed politely ask if there is time for you to ask a few questions.

  • Asking Your Questions

    Keep it brief, about three is sufficient. Some standard questions which are appropriate to ask are;

    What do you see as the key challenges of this role? What would you be expecting of the successful

    candidate in the first 3 - 6 months?

    I feel I have a good understanding of the role but can you provide a brief insight into how you feel it fits into the bigger organisation/project.

    In regards to the team you manage can you provide an insight into the size and make up of responsibilities?

    What do you think are the key challenges of this project and how can this role help to make a difference?

  • Do Not Ask

    Definitely do not ask about salary and remuneration in the interview. This is not the appropriate time to have that discussion and should always be handled offline with the recruiter.

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