Top 10 Freelance Websites for Finiding Jobs in Year 2017

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Freelancing networks is growing day by day and it has shown tremendous rise in the graph of freelance people vs the people who are working full time employee in some company or firm.

Hence, the numbers of freelance networking websites which providing platform for freelancer to get the work has been doubled in the 3 to 5 years.

There is a huge competition between every websites to be the number one freelance website. And people are confused about which network they should join.

In this PPT we will give you a brief about top 10 freelance websites for year 2017

If you are highly qualified and good experience than this platform is for you. Because Toptal only hire 3% of the freelancers among total applied freelancers.

For being eligible to get the work from this website you have to pass the tough exam.

This is a platform keeps highly experienced professional in center more precisely software experts.1.

Website : Founded : 2010

Two massive platforms and joined the hands and became the most popular freelancing website - Upwork.

Over 9 million registered users and more than 4 millions registered clients, Upwork claims to be the largest community for the freelance professionals.

Upwork has got freelancer from practically all the niches possible.

Though it is the best platform but the large numbers of freelancer associated with this platform leads to low-bid contest.

2. Website : Founded : 2003

Freelancer was launched in year 2003.

It is one of the oldest freelance website and become the largest marketplace for freelance when they acquired vWorker and Scriptlance.

They offers several options for work like hourly basis, project-based and contest.

3. Website : : 2003

Gicree is a platform where a seller put out their wares, skill sets and talents and the potentials buyers finds the suitable talent according to their job requirement, a win-win situation.

It is a safe, secure and well protected web portal for both employers and freelancers.

This is massive platform to get your job done at the most reasonable price. The potential freelancers meet their clients effortlessly on this platform.4. Website : Founded : 2015

Founded in 1999, is connecting businesses and employees in about 160 different areas.

With over 1.5 Million registered users, it ensures payment protection guarantee, supporting PayPal, credit card, e-check and wire transfer.

They have more than 220 categories.

The best thing about GURU is the collaborating tools, private work rooms and a dynamic dashboard.5. Website : : 1999

It was founded in 2005 and connects small business with freelancers.

The main categories of projects are IT/Programming, Design, Writing/Translation, Accounting, Sales or Marketing and Others, each of which are further categorized into smaller categories.

Registration for both businessmen and freelancers is free but the website charges a small fee from workers each time they book a job.6. Website : : 2005

Launched in 2007, this company has many accolades under its belt which includes being in Forbes Top 100 Best Career Website in 2013.

Flexjobs lists the jobs available to take on by freelancers that could be applied through the contact information provided by Flexjobs.

Other services provided by FlexJobs include skill testing, job search tips and special memberships (which entitles you to special discounts).7. Website : : 2007

This is exclusively for designers and has won the Peoples Choice Webby Award for the Best Service and Application.

This platform has a unique way of bringing freelancers and creative projects together.

Instead of asking clients to scroll through the profile of freelancer, client is supposed to put up brief of projects they want to get done and freelancers will compete with each other. The client will pick up the best submission and will be paid accordingly.

8. Website : : 2008

How can a freelancer find job or where do the clients can hire workforce for their projects!! Keeping this problem is mind, Crowded was founded in 2015.

It describes itself as marketplace for on-demand workers and this platform is serving over 11,000 freelancers and 400 platform partners today.

Crowded puts up the list of job opportunities it pulls from on-demand platforms and makes all of them available to freelancers. Basically, this platform has done marvelous job in fixing the supply and demand problem to great extent.

9. Website : : 2015

To put it precisely, this is not a hiring platform, rather this website serves as a platform for freelance designers to showcase their talents and creations which later can be hired by clients.

This platform allows clients to go through the creations of freelancers and hire accordingly.

The client is supposed to pay fee to post a job but in return of that Behance provide them with customized recommendations for their projects.10. Website : : 2006

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