10 good business reasons for call recording

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10 Reasons for Call Recording in the Workplace

10 Good Reasons for Call Recordingin the Workplace

You said 79 included the VAT!

You promised FREE delivery

I ordered the BLUE not RED

You said the policy included

1. Resolving price disputes often costs the supplier, how much is this costing your business?

You entered the wrong address!

I called and cancelled last week

You agreed this date

I didnt agree to order that

2. When you receive instructions what would it cost your company if the information was incorrect?

You gave me the wrong advice, Im going legal!

That nuisance callers back again..

3. Call recording provides advice lines with protection, quality assurance and call scoring.

Credit Card Fraud loss in the UK was 169,000,000 in 2011

Our call recorders meet PCI DSS Guidelines.

4. Protect your business against fraud, bad debts and legal costs with Call Recording..

Telephone Operator: I was just threatened by that caller

Supervisor: What did he say exactly?

Police: He says, he never sad that..5. Take action against bullies. Protect your staff and know for sure what was said.

I never said that

I do not recall that conversation

I asked you to, why have you not done it?6. Most of the time disputes are dealt with in half the time when a call recording is presented.

Good Calls, Bad CallsCall ScriptObjection Handling

Opening and ClosingGetting through the Gatekeeper

7. How's your training material? Train your staff with real life examples.

Is the new guy as good as he said he was?

Average Talk Time is longer than anyone else's, any ideas why?

No sales in 4 weeks, what's going on?8. Live listen and playback telephone calls. Evaluate your new recruits.9. Compliance. The state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards

10. Giving you the reassurance you need as a business owner.


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