5 Easy and Free Ways to Get PR For Your Business

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Not everything has to cost money. In fact, if done properly, a small business can get some really amazing PR for its products and/or services for free! What you're trying to do is create awareness about your company. That's one of the main things that public relations can do for a company. You want to communicate the right messages to your customers and prospects. Become a knowledge expert, demonstrate that you are a credible source in your industry. Seek opportunities in your community to talk about your company. Do you have a local chamber of commerce? Or a Rotary Club? Brush up on your public speaking and presentation skills and start talking! Don't be shy to become active on social media because that's where your customers and prospects probably are. Find out what they're talking about and join the conversation. And the best part of all of these tips? You can do it yourself! It just takes some careful thought and planning. If after doing any or all of these, and you have a budget to hire a PR person, then we should talk!


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2. 1Expert. Become a knowledge 3. TELL EVERYONEThen that you are. 4. 2WRITE a white paper. 5. PUBLISHED.Then get it 6. 3Be active in your community. 7. Schmooze. Donate your time. But be GENUINE. 8. 4Social.Be 9. Your CUSTOMERSare. So JOINthe conversation.! 10. 5ASK PEOPLE to spread the word. 11. If they BELIEVE IN YOU, then theyll happily oblige. 12. www.dgirardpr.com