5 ways to get your business ready for the new year

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Get your business ready for the new year

5 things you need to do

Theres no better way to start the New Year than being organized and fresh

Preparing your business for the New Year will help you to make all the end-of-year business decisions.BusinessGlory.com

5 things to do

Check out theseBusinessGlory.combefore the end of the year

Evaluate your financial status



Evaluating your business financial status is so important

You cant make any future decisions unless you know where are you standing. Check how your business was during during the current year and how much income and expenses you made.BusinessGlory.com

Get paid for outstanding invoices



Try to close all your outstanding invoices.

Send those outstanding invoices to your clients and encourage them to pay you before the year ends. This will make your business evaluation more accurate, however if you want to defer income for the next year for Tax purpose, you can get your invoices ready but dont send them till the Jan 2016.BusinessGlory.com

Evaluate your services



Evaluate your services and check what worked the best for you

If you have an inactive service, stop offering it and try to focus on adapting new ideas that enhance your winner service. Focus on whats working and close whats not.BusinessGlory.com

Give your business a new fresh look



Start the New Year with fresh and new online look

Update your website and your social media profiles.BusinessGlory.com

Do some tax work



It will be useful if you can do some tax work

Review your financial data with your accountant before the year ends so you can follow up with any advices for the New Year.BusinessGlory.com

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