Fantastic Salon Room Dividers From Around The World

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<p>#LetsGrow</p> <p>Phorest Salon SoftwareFantastic Salon Room Dividers From Around The World</p> <p>Looking to give your clients more privacy?</p> <p>Looking to add a little more style &amp; chic to your salon?</p> <p>Privacy can really help some clients relax!</p> <p>This net/webbing design could look cool in your salon</p> <p>Perhaps youd like your salon room dividers to be transportable</p> <p>You can even add some plant life tothe mix!</p> <p>Or take the plant idea to the next level!</p> <p>Add a fake wall and make some more room for art!</p> <p>What do you think of thisrope design?</p> <p>Fans of upcycling might like this room divider!</p> <p>There are numerous design you can make out of recycled material</p> <p>An everyday ordinary item can be completely transformed</p> <p>Take something old and make it beautiful!</p> <p>You could always go with a practical room divider.</p> <p>This minimalist salon room divider idea is pretty slick</p> <p>Go a bit bolder with an incredibly unique room divider like this.</p> <p>Would this pattern be out of place in your salon?</p> <p>There is something compelling about this room divider.</p> <p>Maybe go for a monochromatic style in your salon</p> <p>Add a little more of a funky style to your business</p> <p>#LetsGrowGet Your Free Salon Software Demo Todayletsgrow@phorest.comUK: 0207 100 9290 USA: (973) 857-6565 IRE: 01 874 7800</p>