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Hey you! Before you begin reading this article I need you to do something. Launch your email client and tell me what you see. Is your email signature naked? (Read more)


  • 1. sut t oncreat ivest Kimberly Sutton December 30, 2013 Is Your Email Signature Naked? Hey you! Bef ore you begin reading this article I need you to do something. Launch your email client and tell me what you see. Is your email signature naked? By naked I mean one or all of the f ollowing: No signature on your emails (new or replies) whatsoever Tsk tsk tsk! Your name is there but without any contact inf ormation You have your name, email address and phone number but your business URL and/or social media pages are missing You have all of the above, however you have no pictures If you have a complete signature, good f or you! Im proud of you! If not, lets work on it. A proper email signature is probably one of the easiest marketing tools available. Whether you are still using gmail or hotmail (PLEASE consider dressing up your email address as discussed here), or an of f icial email address, your email signature should have and be the f ollowing: ALL business emails, whether new emails or a reply, should have your signature at the bottom. Your name Your title Let the recipient know what you do in your business Your business name This is pretty obvious, yea? Your business logo you want to connect with the recipients of your emails and allow them to connect with your branding Your business phone number Your business URL Give your recipients a way to see what your business is all about! Links to your business social media pages This is a great way to increase your f ollower count While some people f eel the need to put their picture in their signature, I dont f eel this is necessary. Personally, I am marketing my business and my expertise, and neither is dependent on my appearance. Would it give people a f ace to put with the name? Sure. But that same f ace can be f ound by a simple search on Facebook or LinkedIn. I dont judge books by their covers, and I dont believe the recipients of my emails should either. Do you have questions about how to set up your email signature? Feel f ree to contact us f or more inf ormation. ***** Kim Sutton is a f ounding partner of Sutton Creative Studios, an agency specializing in social media management, graphic design and virtual assistance. She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture. In her f ree-time, Kim cherishes the time she gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her business partner), and three children. She also enjoys reading, knitting and writing.

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