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1. sut t oncreat ivest March 3, 2014 Law of Attraction As a virtual assistant and small business owner, its easy to become wrapped up in the problems of your clients. If theyre having a bad day or issues with a project they may call you to help f ix the problem. While some tasks may appear impossible to overcome, its important to maintain a positive attitude. This is where the Law of Attraction comes in. I (Kim) was introduced to the Law of Attraction in late 2008. I had recently lost my job, and I attended a networking event in ef f ort to grow my interior design business. (Have I ever mentioned that I was an interior architect f or 10 years prior to starting Sutton Creative Studios?) Anyway I visited a chiropractor in the group and during the course of my f irst appointment we began talking about religion and f rame of mind. Over the course of the next year, my chiropractor and I became f riends and he encouraged me to work on manif esting my dreams and desires. He said something one day about winning the lottery, to which I responded, I dont need to win the lottery. I would just like to be hired by someone who did. No joke, two weeks later I received a ref erral f or one of the Piqua, Ohio Mega- Million winners. I need you to know that the Law of Attraction is not a religion. It is not a belief that an all-powerf ul being is going to provide you everything you ask f or. It is, in f act, a sense of consciousness. YOU have the power to make your day good or bad. WHAT?!, you may be thinking. Yes. YOU have the power to make your day good or bad. Think about this scenario: You oversleep and start your day running late. You have two choices: 1) start cussing and start the day with a f rown on your f ace or 2) smile, be thankf ul f or the extra sleep and get busy catching up. If you go with the cussing route, I guarantee you will hit a number of other obstacles over the course of your morning. You will probably spill your cof f ee, hit every red light, and receive a bad email. And with each of these (very minor) mishaps, you miss cuss and dwell on the sh** thats being thrown your way and you will draw more sh** your way. Now, if you start your day smiling, even after oversleeping, you are drawing the positive to you. You will smile at people you pass and they will smile back. You can send a positive email that will possibly throw of f the bad email you would have received in the other scenario. You will f ocus on the good in your day and you will bring more good to yourself . Perhaps you are not a small business owner. Perhaps you are just a person who is f acing a rough time in your lif e and looking f or a way out. Please, please, please Start f ocusing on the good in your lif e. Buy or borrow a book or two on the Law of Attraction. You can thank me later. ***** 2. Kim Sutton is a f ounding partner of Sutton Creative Studios, an agency specializing in social media management, graphic design and virtual assistance. She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture. In her f ree-time, Kim cherishes the time she gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her business partner), and three children. She also enjoys reading, knitting and writing. You are invited to f ollow Sutton Creative Studios by f ollowing our blog, subscribing to our newsletter, or f ollowing/liking us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest. In addition, please comment and/or contact us with any questions.