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MLM Prospecting Posture and how to build a thriving business. 1) Does Income Proof Matter? 2) Throw Up or Show Up 3) Leader or Mysterious Insider? 4) Targeted MLM Lead Tricks 5) Family a Must? 6) Sole Promoter vs. Multiple Promoter 7) Mindset vs. Traffic Myth


Copy of 7 tips to maximize MLM_2

7 Tips

by Alecia Stringer

! You have something you can use. ! Are you an expert? ! Grow your personal development and positive mindset everyday.

! Read and listen to positive audios. ! Keep seeking solutions and continue building your mindset to handle all obstacles.

! Leverage any positive promotion you can get to help reach solutions faster.

BUT.. !Mindset is key. You have to be confident in the action you take. Take massive action.

Throw Up Show Up

! Dont get stuck depending on the throw up strategy. Simply throwing up what you are doing to everyone within 3 feet of you!

Content is King, but Engagement is Queen, and she rules the house! -Mari Smith

Its total okay to ask for the sale but you may have value

! Nobody wants to follow content that is bland, or boring.

! Schedule it out using Hootsuite! Even as often as every 5 minutes during a presentation! It is perfectly ok to repeat your tweets. Not back to back, but just add it again.

! To improve your value, check out your score using Klout. This will give you some guidance on what kind of social media audience you have online.

! Find a strategy online to dominate and use that marketing strategy consistently like you rule the house!

! Remember it usually takes people at least 7 exposures before they say yes. !

! People want to know that they matter - So Respond fast on social media for best results!

! Bring out your personality to stand out in the market.

! Brand to a color, animal or prop. ! What is your style? Funny hat? Or a voice that stands out when you make videos?

! Experiment with different things and test the results.

! Always be building your own circles and followers. ! Leverage other contacts whenever possible

! Research the latest information 1. 2. ! Use social sites exclusively for these prospects. E.g.

! Connect and message more in a personal way. Remember engagement!

! Create online events such as generic training.

! Use them for team and support ! Dont do their work - how can you grow a team of leaders, when you do everything for them?

! Have goals. Find a way to get 10 people a day to opt in to your capture page.

! Once you are aware that it is fear that stops you, the doors open up to finding the solutions.

1. Done is better than perfect. Send the email, make the video - just do it!

2. Notice where you stop. 3. Push yourself past that stopping point.Make

a bet with someone - find someone who will hold you accountable.

4. Own it and work with it. Dont sit there feeling guilty.

By Jen Sincero

! Be consistent in your message and you can build any business and sell anything you want. !

! Once you are in that position then you can offer multiple products. Its all in the up-sell process.

Open your mind to who you can reach and who you can impact.

Then you can see what looks

like hype or spam to them.

! The decision to be committed. ! When you develop a strong mindset, you will find the exact audience you want.

! Traffic does not do you any good if you do not have a way for people to take action on that site. Dont drive traffic to a companies website that is generic, has too much information and no systematic way to follow up with the visitors.

! Know your competition and leverage it. !

! One hamburger stand had people coming for miles around just to get the amazing hamburgers. There was so much demand that they run out of hamburgers!

! Beside them was another booth. Their line was shorter, but it still got good business, especially when the first hamburger stand ran out of burgers!

! Simply be you. People will find the unique qualities you bring into the market place and relate to what you have to offer.

! Dont look at how many fans the competition has, or how many leads they can email.

! Show the quality and value you bring to your market place to allow you to have the best MLM prospecting posture that shows the true you.

1. Does Income Proof Matter? 2. Throw Up or Show Up 3. Leader or Mysterious Insider? 4. Targeted MLM Lead Tricks 5. Family a Must? 6. Sole Promoter vs. Multiple Promoter 7. Mindset vs. Traffic Myth

! Alecia Stringer is an online lead generation expert who empowers entrepreneurs to create success dreams and guest blogs at blog.

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