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I am quite obviously a child of the 80s. Movies like Karate Kid, Dirty Dancing, and Goonies were favorites of my sisters and I. Other movies from the 80s, including those below, have proven today to influence my practices and beliefs as a business owner. Read on for 80s movies to learn from


  • 1. sut t oncreat ivest Kimberly Sutton January 8, 2014 Movies to Learn From I am quite obviously a child of the 80s. Movies like Karate Kid, Dirty Dancing, and Goonies were f avorites of my sisters and I. Other movies f rom the 80s, including those below, have proven today to inf luence my practices and belief s as a business owner. Read on for 80s movies to learn from Ghostbusters Af ter helping the New York City Public Library with a scary pest, Egon, Ray and Venkman invest their hearts and lif e savings into their new business. While I disagree with pouring your life savings into a new business, I do agree with pouring your heart and life into it. Does this mean I would sleep in an old f ire hall to be close to my business? No. Absolutely not. But its great to have and show your passion. As a side note, when setting up a business, it is crucially important to consider whether the products and services you are offering are a passing fad. For instance, the Ghostbusters put themselves out of business by wiping out (f or the most part) the entire paranormal population. You certainly dont want to wind up with 50 years of inventory f or a product nobody will want (or need) in a year and a half . For this reason, developing a comprehensive business plan during your start-up phase is STRONGLY recommended. Back to the Future Part II As a grown up, Marty gets caught participating in a scheme against his employer. Much like the monitoring capabilities our clients and competitors have by way of social media, Martys employer caught him in the act. Dont give in to any temptations to participate in shady deals. In the end you probably will get caught , and it could cost you everything you have. Back to the Future Part II also brings up the important point of Get Rich Quick schemes. Marty bought a book telling the winners of every sporting event f or the past 50 years. He intended to go back to his present day and get rich by betting on all the winners. As he later saw with Bif f , money can drastically skew the way people act, as well as change the environment f or an entire population. I certainly cant say that I wouldnt place a f ew wagers if I knew what the winner would be, but I CAN say I take extreme caution (and usually delete) when a Get Rich Scheme winds up in my inbox. Im sure youve heard the saying If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cocktail Brian Flanagan, played by a young Tom Cruise, has aspirations of starting a f ranchise of bars to be located in local shopping malls. Despite his lack of experience in the business world, Brian uses his knowledge of his f amily business to realize his business goals. Just because you dont have your MBA or 15 years experience on Wall Street doesnt mean youre not cut out for success. Learn all you can f rom hands-on experience and pick the rest up f rom reading and research. All the above characters shared one common trait: they didnt allow anybody to tell them they couldnt do what they wanted to do. Follow their lead and pursue your dreams. Even if you fail you will never have the regret of not having tried.

2. ***** Kim Sutton is a f ounding partner of Sutton Creative Studios, an agency specializing in social media management, graphic design and virtual assistance. She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned her Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture. In her f ree-time, Kim cherishes the time she gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her business partner), and three children. She also enjoys reading, knitting and writing. You are invited to f ollow Sutton Creative Studios by f ollowing our blog, subscribing to our newsletter, or f ollowing/liking us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest. In addition, please comment and/or contact us with any questions. Copyright Sutton Creative Studios - Built with Passion