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<ol><li> 1. Stuart Allen MD of The Sales Performance Company Ltd @StuartAllenFCMI #WorcestershireHour Founder </li><li> 2. Using For Business </li><li> 3. NOT a Social Media Marketing expert.. </li><li> 4. If you understand WHY ? Youll find out HOW? </li><li> 5. My Key Twitter Business Beliefs: I dont view it as social media I see it as an advertising media! The time I commit to Twitter is a business INVESTMENT! Twitter ONLY works as part of my wider marketing strategy! It is something I only do live! AND FINALLY. </li><li> 6. On Twitter. </li><li> 7. What about quality over quantity? Id rather have quantity &amp; quality? </li><li> 8. Average number of Twitter followers per account is 208 BUT that includes the inactives </li><li> 9. Every TEN followers you add increases your reach by a minimum of 2,080! People! </li><li> 10. Daily newspapers Circulations 2015 (Average daily sales in May) All figures originate from the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The Sun 1,809,240 Daily Mail 1,657,867 Daily Mirror 868,992 Daily Telegraph 486,262 Daily Star 417,538 The Times 397,171 I 280,074 Financial Times 210,481 Daily Record 193,907 The Guardian 178,758 The Independent 60,438 #WorcestershireHour 1,702,982* *BEST 16th March 2015 Worcester News? Over 9,000 copies are actively purchased every day and are read by over 23,500 adults. </li><li> 11. Worcestershire Media Twitter Followers in JUNE BBC Midlands Today News (61,640) 96,400 ITV Central News (?) 93,000 Worcester News (10,485) 12,300 BBC Hereford &amp; Worcester Radio (10,222) 14,500 #WorcestershireHour (6,943) 9,763 Youthcom Radio (?) 1,693 Stuart Allen (51,611) 65,700 </li><li> 12. @TweetReach Twitter Analytics &amp; Snapshots </li><li> 13. What impact does Twitter now have on my Business/Personal Brand? June 2015 #3 (#5) GLOBAL TOP 100 SALES EXPERTS TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER (Monthly) July 2015 #36 (#42) GLOBAL TOP 100 SALES GURUS (Weekly) </li><li> 14. Whats YOUR Twitter Strategy? It will depend upon your: Business Sector? Location of Target Customers? Product or Service? B2B or B2C? Time? Motivation? </li><li> 15. Whats YOUR Twitter Strategy? It will depend on whether you want to: Sell directly? Drive traffic to web site? Show capability? Network? Promote specific events? GROW FOLLOWERS! </li><li> 16. How do I grow my followers? </li><li> 17. How do I grow my followers? 1) Set a TARGET number and date 2) Proactively follow suitable accounts 3) Make sure that when they look at your profile YOU are worth following back 4) Dont use auto tools 5) Unfollow those that dont follow back (after 2 weeks +) using tools like Tweepi </li><li> 18. How do I grow my followers? Set a TARGET number and date Think BIG! </li><li> 19. How do I grow my followers? Proactively follow suitable accounts Who? </li><li> 20. How do I grow my followers? Make sure that when they look at your profile YOU are worth following back Profile? </li><li> 21. Twitter Profile Photo (can be you or logo) Header (photo or logo) Background (wallpaper) On PC Desktop Version Biography (who are you?) </li><li> 22. How do I grow my followers? Dont use auto tools Pet Hate! </li><li> 23. How do I grow my followers? Unfollow those that dont follow back (after 2 weeks +) using tools like Tweepi Be Ruthless! </li><li> 24. What is a Twitter Hour? What is a Hash Tag? </li><li> 25. Twitter is a Global Platform which is great if I want to sell my goods/services all over the World. But what if I only want to sell in a smaller geographical area? LIKE WORCESTERSHIRE Organise a PARTY! Tell everyone what time to be there and what the secret word is to gain access! (the #HashTag) </li><li> 26. My Top Twitter for Business Tips! </li><li> 27. 1: Tweet to give not to get PET HATE! People ASKING for retweets or Facebook likes! STOP ASKING! START EARNING! </li><li> 28. 2: Tweet on a regular basis (Spreadsheet) (Twuffer/Tweetdeck) It takes 15/20 minutes a day! NO EXCUSES! START EARNING! </li><li> 29. 3: Always* follow back *Genuine Requests Not following back is extreme arrogance! It says Im happy that you want to hear my voice, BUT Im not interested in YOUR VOICE! </li><li> 30. 4: Tweet original content PET HATE! People auto-tweeting famous quotes &amp; phrases! STOP COPYING! START CREATING! </li><li> 31. 5: Tweet photographs* *Always add description This iPhone photo I took stood on Blackfriars Bridge on the 100th Anniversary of WWI got 137 retweets in ONE HOUR! </li><li> 32. 6: Use Hash tags (#) #bizitalk @bizitalk Twitter TIP! Just Click on any Hash Tag in any Tweet to see all tweets with that Hash Tag! Small Business Sunday #SBS 5-7.30pm Every Sunday Organised by Theo Paphitis. He retweets 6 winners each Monday at 8pm &amp; put them on a special SBS website. </li><li> 33. 7: Proactively TARGET &amp; follow other people </li><li> 34. 8: Engage with People &amp; Say Thank You! I still do this as much as I can! </li><li> 35. 9: Retweet relevant tweets PET HATE! People who wait for other people to retweet them first! STOP WAITING! START GIVING! </li><li> 36. 10: NEVER tweet drunk You ARE what YOU Tweet! STOP &amp; THINK! </li><li> 37. 11: Twitter is NOT for 1:1 chat. If you want to chat use Direct Messages (DM). </li><li> 38. ReTweeting (RT) Favoriting(US spelling) RTs or RETWEETS are the currency of Twitter for Biz. If you dont RT other people/biz they wont RT you! </li><li> 39. Links within tweets To another web site To your web site To a news item PET HATE! Shortened URLs give you more space for your message but hide the real web address! USE Full Web URL or people wont Click on the link! </li><li> 40. The Background, History &amp; Future of #WorcestershireHour 6th May 2013 Launch Date! 19th Nov 2013 Tweet Up featured on BBC Midlands Today Feb 2014 Worcestershire Enterprise Ltd formed (Social Enterprise) April 2014 #WorcestershireHour &amp; Logo Trade Marked with IPO 31 May 2014 FIRST Festival of Business (BBC Mids Today) September 2014 Aaron becomes full time employee Festival of Business 2015 will be at The Bank House Hotel in September! </li><li> 41. Key #WorcestershireHour statistics On 22nd December I signed up for Twitter Analytics data from TweetReach! The Pro Version costs 90 per month and is paid for by The Sales Performance Company. These figures are since then! 12.2 Million individuals have seen #WH Tweets 1.2 Billion total message reach (including duplicates) 367,300 Tweets &amp; Retweets sent 21,200 separate accounts have used the hash tag in at least one tweet! LATEST STATS </li><li> 42. News Page Send YOUR Stories Home Page Prime Sponsor Coverage Merchandise Page New! FREE Business Directory Listing for ALL Worcestershire Based Businesses! Logo Web Address Contact Business Biography </li><li> 43. Through #WorcestershireHour we have found out about shops &amp; services we didnt even know we had on our doorstep. Its a great way to get to know the people you pass in the street &amp; whats going on around the county Dani James (CEO, Premier Places) </li><li> 44. As soon as I met Stuart I was sold on the idea of #WorcestershireHour! My business is promoting Apprenticeships to small businesses and #WorcestershireHour has helped me gain new followers and in return created new vacancies for young people of Worcestershire! Win:Win. Helena Baxter (Proprietor HP Consultancy and Training) </li><li> 45. Q &amp; A Session </li><li> 46. Enjoy #WorcestershireHour @StuartAllenFCMI 07557 919039 </li></ol>