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Whos the Boss? No, Im not asking for Tony Danza, star of the 1980s sitcom. When I ask a small business owner Whos the boss?, he or she should always answer, Me! (Read More)


<ul><li> 1. suttoncreativestudios.com http://suttoncreativestudios.com/whos-boss/September 30, 2014Whos the Boss?Whos the Boss? No, Im not asking for Tony Danza, star of the 1980s sitcom. When I ask a small business ownerWhos the boss?, he or she should always answer, Me!Unfortunately thats not always what happensAs a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of having clients and/or customers. These are thepeople who keep the cash coming in so the bills can continue going out. The income they generate allows us to payour own contractors and other small business expenses. But who said that gives them 100% stake in our business?Since when did taking on a new client give them the right to answer affirmativelywhen the question, Whos the boss? is asked?I dont know about you, however I dont remember turning over that right.Owning and operating a small business is labor intensive. Depending on how large yourteam is, the majority of the responsibility falls on your shoulders. Even if your team is awell-oiled machine with awesome operational systems that allow you to sit on thesidelines and watch the money pour in, YOU, as the small business owner, are stillthe boss.Not your clientsNot your customersNot the managers who may (or may not) run your businessYOU.So who decides the hours you work? Who decides when youre available for client or customer phone calls?Whos declaring your deadlines?Is it you? Or if not you, do you have input on any of the answers?Yes, I am writing this article, however some days I look at my inbox and wonder, How the hell did that happen? I seeappointments scheduled by people who arent using my online scheduler and I know dont have access to mycalendar. I see expected completion dates shared with my clients clients for work I didnt even know I had coming in(and hadnt planned for).Suddenly Im left feeling like an employee again, and wonder to myself, Whos the Boss? I thought it wasme?!?What do you do when you now longer feel like the boss? Here are a few suggestions for reigning the control back in:Control the Calendar: Send a reminder to your clients that YOU ALONE control your calendar. If you have anonline scheduler like Appointy or Time Trade, make sure they have the link and let them know that with theexception of expressed verbal consent by you, no appointments should be scheduled unless using that link.</li></ul> <p> 2. Eliminate Emergencies: Hey, we all have emergencies. But if you didnt cause them you shouldnt beexpected to fix them rather than attend your childs little league soccer game. Unless you have an explicitemergency clause in your contract, let your clients know what your official operating hours are, that you may ormay not be available for emergency work for a premium.Turn-Around Time: Did you promise to turn around all (assigned) work within 24-hours? I dont rememberpromising a 24-hour turn around for Sutton Creative Studios. Let your clients know that project work is to bediscussed, not assigned, and in that discussion you will state when you can have the project completed.Were not in grade school anymore, folks. Small business owners arent children, and shouldnt be treatedlike children either. When asked Whos the Boss?, make sure you can answer with confidence Me!*****Kim Sutton is the Managing Partner and Chief Everything Officer at SuttonCreative Studios, an agency specializing in business consulting, Infusionsoftconsulting, social media management, graphic design and virtual assistance.She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where sheearned her Bachelors Degree in Interior Architecture. In her free-time, Kimcherishes the time she gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her businesspartner), and three children. She also enjoys reading, knitting and writing. Youare invited to follow Sutton Creative Studios by following our blog, subscribingto our newsletter, or following/liking us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Google+ or Pinterest. In addition, please comment and/or contact us with anyquestions. Copyright Sutton Creative Studios - Built with Passion </p>