10 Linkedin Company Page Tips for PR and Marketing Pros

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  1. 1. Global Marketing 10 LinkedIn Company Page Tips For PR and Marketing Pros
  2. 2. Global Marketing Social business, not just social media platforms 2
  3. 3. Global Marketing3 277 million users*: Worlds largest professional network LinkedIn: Top Hats and Briefcases *Source: LinkedIn press release Feb 6, 2014 Investor Relations - Full Year 2013 Results
  4. 4. Global Marketing LinkedIn Company Page Setup
  5. 5. Global Marketing Company Page Updates At a Glance
  6. 6. Global Marketing 1. Think of your audience first. 6
  7. 7. Global Marketing7 2. Editorial calendar: Take a balanced meal approach.
  8. 8. Global Marketing Balanced meal approach to content cadence ~10% fun/entertaining (dessert!) ~90% informative (healthy) 8
  9. 9. Global Marketing9 Healthy content Sources Thought leadership (vendor- neutral) trends, context to help solve customers problems PowerMore blog, other IT, industry and business news sources Dell announcements products, services, company news Dell blogs Direct2Dell, Dell4Enterprise, Dell TechCenter, others Independent reviews and awards ComputerWorld, CNET, CRN, InfoWorld, ITPro, etc Customer stories YouTube, case studies Careers-related Talent acquisition team
  10. 10. Global Marketing10 3. Use an image with every post (and not your logo).
  11. 11. Global Marketing11 4. Use this formula for a good LinkedIn update:
  12. 12. Global Marketing Writing tips from LinkedIn
  13. 13. Global Marketing13 Flickr Creative Commons Marita Cosma Einstein-Twain approach to LinkedIn update text Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein If I had had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. Mark Twain Flickr Creative Commons photo by Flickr user sfjalar
  14. 14. Global Marketing Anatomy of a company page status update 14 ~240 chars* (600 max) ~75 chars ~250 charsFor image, use aspect ratio of height (110p) to width (180p) *desktop: ~240 chars tablet: ~160 chars phone: ~190 chars
  15. 15. Global Marketing15 5. Target
  16. 16. Global Marketing Once your status update is up, you cant edit it not the landing page, targeting, text, image, anything. You can only delete it or keep it. 16
  17. 17. Global Marketing17 6. Engage and answer. Dont post and disappear.
  18. 18. Global Marketing18 7. Sponsor your best content.
  19. 19. Global Marketing 8. Consider Showcase Pages for key audiences
  20. 20. Global Marketing20 9. Measure, improve, experiment What are your business goals? Drive awareness -> followership, impressions Drive engagement -> interactions Drive traffic -> clickthrus, website visits
  21. 21. Global Marketing Organic post-level analytics (slide 1 of 4) Freely available to any company page manager 21 Impressions: # times the update was shown to company page followers. Clicks: # clicks on your content, the company name or the logo. Note: This doesn't include interactions. Interactions: # times people have liked, commented on or shared your update. Engagement: Interactions + clicks Impressions Post URL: http://dell.to/LinkedInBeginningsPost
  22. 22. Global Marketing Any of these are clicks: 22 Clicks: # clicks on your company name, the more link, any link in your content, the image/video or the headline link. Post URL: http://dell.to/LinkedInSolarClassroom Organic post-level analytics (slide 2 of 4) Freely available to any company page manager
  23. 23. Global Marketing How many clicks just on my video? 23 To find out, check your link shortener analytics (such as bitly, ow.ly, etc) Post URL: http://dell.to/LinkedInSolarClassroom Organic post-level analytics (slide 3 of 4) Freely available to any company page manager
  24. 24. Global Marketing How many clicks just on my video? (continued) 24 For bitly, its easy: In a browser window, you append a + to the bitly link. Note: Consider if you have used the link elsewhere, not only on LinkedIn. Organic post-level analytics (slide 4 of 4) Freely available to any company page manager
  25. 25. Global Marketing Advanced analytics Omniture, Google Analytics and others can track part of the customer journey from LinkedIn and other owned social outlets to your website.
  26. 26. Global Marketing 10. Be true to who you are. Focus on creating conversations, relationships 26 Dell.to/MichaelInfluencer
  27. 27. Global Marketing Good resources 27
  28. 28. Thank you! Suzanne Doughty @suzanne_doughty Social Media Program Manager, Dell