10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

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Follow these 10 simple steps to increase your Twitter engagement and following



    to improve

  • Tweet Relevant, UsefulInformation

    Share interesting articles, inspirationalquotes or latest news, so people will want to

    re-tweet or share their thoughts.

  • Use Hashtags.. but DontOverdo It

    Experts suggest that 1 - 3 hashtags pertweet is an optimal number. Hashtags makeit easier to find relevant content, but if your

    tweet consists only of hashtags, it can beperceived as hard-to-read and spammy.

  • Be Visually-AppealingBeing visually-appealing alone will improve

    your engagement. Share related images,quote from an article or something that will

    catch eye.

  • Be ConciseCan you get more concise than 140

    characters? Usually you can. Studies actuallyshow that the ideal tweet length is

    approximately 100 characters.

  • Have CharacterBe humorous, be edgy, be daring, be wise

    give them the reason to follow YOU.

  • Add Your InsightsAdd your own thoughts to content youresharing, whether that would be agreeing,

    disagreeing or offering a differentperspective.

  • Engage with AudienceA sure way to make people engage with

    your content is to engage with theirs.Compliment people on good tweets, thank

    them for sharing tips, start a dialogue tobecome more than a mere handle who

    favorited a tweet.

  • Be FastTry to do this as much as possible. Try to

    break the news for your audience; be on topof the latest happenings in your industry.

  • Tweet in Live ModeIf you happen to be a part of something

    interesting and exciting, act fast and tweetit in live mode as events unfold.

  • Be YourselfOffer unique perspectives, quality content,clever insights. Give a reason to follow one

    more Twitter handle.

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