5 Ways To Build Your DJ Brand With Spotify

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  • 5 Ways To BUILD Your DJ Brand With Spotify

  • 1 Showcase your musical taste

    and knowledge through Spotify playlists

  • Create playlists for different kinds of music you listen to, but dont normally DJ with


  • 2 Create a weekly or monthly

    Top 10 Playlist

  • Photo: AndYaDontStop https://www.flickr.com/photos/thenovys/3893223740/

    The key is to be consistent

    Corral your top new songs and have them all in one place that you look after regularly

  • 3 curate your own themed,

    Fun Playlists

  • Get more personal by crafting lists based on everyday challenges like moods, activities, and real life events

    Photo: blog.eventhat.com http://41.media.tumblr.com/c5c8af22399dd6e601baf03859c91f43/tumblr_inline_nnayeyS8VG1sthnv7_500.png

  • 4 Embed playlists on your website

  • Embed Spotify playlists on your personal website for casual visitors to check out

  • 5 Engage with others in the Spotify Community

  • Follow artists and other playlists that you love

  • Share relevant tunes to your networks: Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • RememberThe goal is not to have a massive

    following . . .

  • but to have a meaningful one that resonates with you and what you are about as a DJ.

  • 5 Ways To BUILD Your DJ Brand With Spotify

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