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Best blogging practices, i meet

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This is a training module for bloggers based on best practices of the day.

Text of Best blogging practices, i meet

  • 1. Best Blogging Practices for the Best Industry Bloggers Presented by De-de Mulligan, CMM Mulligan Management Group, LLC 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 1
  • 2. Best Blogging Practices Agenda Overall Blogging Objectives The Dos and Donts of Blogging Examples Using the i-Meet site 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 2
  • 3. Blogging Objectives Provide valuable, shareable, well- written content that is designed to educate your reader and ultimately improve i-Meets SEO. In addition, it helps build your authority. 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 3
  • 4. Blogging No-nos No Duplicate Content No Keyword Stuffing No Short Blogs No Edits Once Posted No Sales Pitch 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 4
  • 5. Blogging Best Tips Write Engaging Headlines Include Image or Video Link to Other i-Meet Blogs Link to i-Meet Landing Page Write 300-500 words 3-5 Long-Tail Keywords Have a Call-to-Action 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 5
  • 6. Essential Item #1: A Catchy Headline 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 6 Start with a number and adjective No more than 60 Characters this one is 45 Remember 85% of users read headline on smartphone
  • 7. Essential Item #2: Image or Video 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 7 Make the photo enhance the headline Make sure it is not copyrighted - easier said than done. Use only quality photos or videos no cartoon characters!
  • 8. Essential Item #3: Link to Other i-Meet Posts 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 8 Find 1-3 blog posts about the same topic and link your post to it Link to other outside sites that make sense: PCMA, MPI, eventblog, etc. Link back to the Clients Landing Page
  • 9. Essential Item #4: Link to i-Meet Landing Page 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 9 Link back to i-Meet landing page and say something about i- Meet When promote on Social always use #iMeet and on Twitter @i_Meet Link back to your own i-Meet profile
  • 10. Essential Item #5: Content Needs to be 300-500 words 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 10 Old Way: 200-500 words with all keywords in title, first sentence and first paragraph New Way: 300-500 words with keywords wherever makes sense. More paragraphs and more bullets.
  • 11. Essential Item #6: 3-5 Long-Tail Keywords 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 11 Old Way: Keyword Stuff with short and long- tail keywords New Way: No keyword stuffing and only long- tail keywords Short-tail: event planning, registration, mobile app Long-tail: event planning with mobile apps, online registration using mobile apps, ACTIVE event planning mobile app
  • 12. Essential Item #7: Call to Action 6/24/2014 @i_Meet #iMeet @DedeMulligan 12 What do you want the reader to do be very CLEAR The call-to- action should be in your voice. 1-2 sentences as most.

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