Building personal power with LinkedIn

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Leveraging LinkedIn as a business tool

Building personal power with LinkedIn


Welcome to the Using LinkedIn effectively webinar part of the BeSeen Marketing series of Digital Demystification series of events

I hope you find this webinar informative and interesting and take some value away.

INTRO I am Chris Bantock MD of BeSeen Marketing. I have been doing this for 5 years prior to that I ran my own digital marketing consultancy and prior to that I was at Microsoft for 7 years. This got me involved in building the DTI first small business website Enterprize zone and I worked on the strategic vision for Microsft small business website - Bcentral.

This was life well before social media and social networks however I have been using LinkedIn since October 17, 2004. Linkedin Launched in 2003 and I was amongst the first million gloabal users.

Who actually likes selling?

Who prefers:Picking up the phone trying to book appointments with prospects?Or Having someone contact you when they want to have a discussion with you.

We all want new business networking is a natural way to do this. LinkedIn is a ready made online network that is sitting there waiting to be leveraged LinkedIn: 433m active users worldwide, 20m UK

Who is on LinkedIn Who uses Premium? Who has generated business from LinkedIn?

Who would like to?!!

Using premium


Go fishing where the fish are!

How many people are on LinkedIn?

How many use it once a month a month? Once a week? Daily?

13% use it once a day

However much you use it I doubt anyone feels that they use if effectively?

What I would like to show you in the next half hour is a model in which YOU can be more effective on LinkedIn

I will share with you the three pillars of success for using LinkedIn so that it becomes an effective channel for you.

We will have the opportunity to answer questions at the end. Please use the question facility to post your questions. I try and answer as many as I can.

So lets position LinkedIn it is a channel to market. It is a voice piece to amplify what you / your business does. It is an extension of your marketing activity as a business, however we are talking YOU it is part of your personal marketing activity.

I have a favorite expression Go fishing where the fish are. Meaning focus on where your target market is (hangs out)With 20 million business users it is a big pond. So what we will look at today (part of the effective use of LinkedIn) is how do you fish for the right sort of fish?

Goals for using LinkedIn So the first step is work out what you are actually using LinkedIn for? What do you want out of the effort (and yes you will need to put in effort!) you put in?

Do you want to position yourself as the expert in your field? What is your field? Define itDo you want speaking slots Do you want to reach industry influencers Do you want to get more personal profile (online and offline) Do you want to drive enquiresDo you want to create opportunities Find new partnershipsDevelop new resellers / partners New Job Career move

Be clear on your goals write them down this influences what you do you on Linekdin

So what is LinkedIn? ...


Not connected What is LinkedInPersonal Profile Connections / FollowersCompany Pages GroupsPublishing Platform(Pulse) A business-oriented social networking site that enables users to connect with colleagues, look for a job or business relationships and get answers to industry questions.


LinkedIn is a big lake with different areas

Core of LinkedIn is your profile and you connections. It is a messaging platform In Mail It is a publishing platform - Pulse

There is a big pool of people you are not connected with

Two other areas are groups which we will touch on and Business pages which we will not be covering here as we are focusing on YOU the IDIVIDUAL and helping YOU use this social media channel more effectively.

Now lets look at a framework which you can use to Leverage these different capabilities of LinkedIn ..


3 Pillars of LinkedIn success

Who you areWho you knowWhat you know

The framework is divided into 3 key areas 3 pillars of success.

Get the combination of these 3 right and you will generate the opportunities you want (See what you wrote down for your Goals)

The three key areas of focus to getting what you want out of LinkedIn areas: 1. First one is your Identity You Who you are

2. Your Network your connections Who you Know

3. Your knowledge your expertise What you know

These all work in unison a common mistake is focusing on one area at the expense of the others. You can have the best identity but if no one sees you you will not generate a following If you focus on building your network following and connecting you will have connections but no context or meaning If you focus on sharing your knowledge then you wont have the identity to convert the visibility into valuable connections

This is the social media mantra in action: Know me Like me follow me

Translated this means: Awareness Attraction Trust

We are now going to look at each of these in more detail..


Online CV +++Make people want to connect with youYour Showcase

1. Power up your profile

Your profile is your fly trap!

This is what makes you attractive to your target audience

This is what converts visitors to your profile to become connections

Your LinkedIn profile is so much more than your CV online. Yes, it shows your work experience, education and qualifications however it is so much more than that

It is your showcase Says who you are - Your achievements what you are looking for your interests your publishing activity - Your views and expertise

Spend time on getting your profile right.

When you go to your profile - Top right LinkedIn give you a rating. They also provide suggestions as to how to improve. These can be misleading as they want you to fill in all their fields. However as a general rule of thumb you should strive to get the best score you can. Why?

Not for bragging rights but because the higher the score the more visible you will become in search. LinkedIn algorithm gives higher scoring profiles more visibility.

So, lets look at some of the key elements of a powerful profile


Header Keywords - SEO + Attention grabbing

Good profile picture

Background image with message

Customise URL

Contact information up to date and optimised links

Profile essentials

Header Is vital What people see first. It is fixed. It is what LinkedIn indexes so your keywords (what you want to be found for)

[Exercise list your keywords if you dont know them]Professional Headline: 120 character limit.( First Name: 20 characters, Last Name: 40 characters.)

Profile pictures are important - Photo 14 times more likely to be found and 36 times more likely to receive a messageMake it good and professional.

Background image differentiates you allows you to put more messaging

Custom url use your name

Contact information Website addressTwitter link to other social media


Summary is key area

Your Skills

Add media to your profile (summary Education & Experience) video / images / documents

Order of items on profile rearrange sections

Endorsements & Recommendations


Profile cont

Summary is second to Header as again LinkedIn indexes this area. Summary: 2,000 character limit. use them! This is your free text area. This is where you make yourself most attractive to your target audience Skills Achievement summary values What you are looking for what connections you want and why

Review this regularly

Skills - add skills this allows people to endorse you for your skills providing more visibility and third part endorsement is very powerful

Recommendations are also very important. If you have your target audience seeing you have endorsements then it add gravitas to you and makes you more attractive.

Collect endorsements and recommendations over time. I have emailed all my connections in the past asking if they would provide a recommendation. I had 5 people respond which is awesome. Do this once a year or selectively (at end of projects) and they will build over time

Add media to these sections Images, video, presentations PDF this really brings your profile to life.

Finally dont forget to include Calls to Action. What do you want them to do? Connect with you?Email why you want to connect?Arrange a coffee and a Chat if you think I can help

13 times increase in profile views if you list your skills 7

Your network is your gold mine

Smart network allows you to have an impact and build your personal influence with the right people to attract the right opportunities

Visibility Access - Quality

LinkedIn Network Effect

Develop a Network strategy the who.

Network Clusters

2. Build a smarter network

Advantages of smart network Visibility always visible to that connection Access 121 access direct dialogue Quality breeds quality better 2nd and 3rd degree connections

Network effect Depth of connections and visibility 1st degree connections engages now visible to their 2nddegree My 2nd degree connection engages then visible to your 3ed degree your reach is expanded by 3 degrees

If I have 100 connect