Creating a Lead to Revenue Process on LinkedIn with a Managed Social Product Marketing Program

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Managed Services For Social Product Marketing

Creating a Lead to Revenue Process That Aligns with Sales

For Social Product Marketing

Social product marketing focuses on the complete awareness to revenue customer life cycle.

It goes beyond the brand awareness tactics (the actions that most social media and digital marketing executives focus on) that cannot be tied to more revenue opportunities. When you engage in social product marketing, you are focused on building communities of interest around your product or solution and implementing a social program that transitions group members through the purchase lifecycle. What is Social Product Marketing.

For Social Product Marketing

Why Social Product Marketing? There is a Need to Tie Social Media Programs to Revenue GenerationBrand awareness is not enough. You are not going to improve revenues and demonstrate a strong, predictable ROI from LinkedIn if you do not align your LinkedIn strategy and actions with revenue goals.

You need to engage in revenue performance management on social media, which means your organization is improving business results through continuous analysis and optimization of the interactions sales and marketing is having with B2B buyers across the revenue cycle .

For Social Product Marketing

Why Social Product Marketing? The Way Buyers Buy Has Changed!Buyers are self-educating! They are post-poning engaging with sales until the last moment. As a result, many B2B organizations are at risk of being left out of the business decision.

Product marketing needs more involvement by demonstrating their thought leadership and turning the buyer and seller relationship on LinkedIn into Subject matter expert and interested party relationship so sales can enter the conversation.

Notice how up to of the B2B buying process is completed before sales now gets involved.

For Social Product Marketing

Why Social Product Marketing? Because There is a Need for Greater Buyer Enablement on Social Media Platforms Like LinkedIn!

For Social Product Marketing

Why Social Product Marketing? Because Reach is Not Enough & Neither is Just Having Social Conversations. You Need

Many social media experts say that the conversation is the relationship. But we think that having the right conversations is the relationship. You need real engagement when you have a high priced product and a complex B2B sales cycle.

For Social Product Marketing

Why Social Product Marketing? Because it Focuses on Establishing Relationships and Earning Leads. Traditional Social Selling Tactics Are Alienating Prospects

For Social Product Marketing

LinkedIn is the worlds largest B2B professional network. In fact, 90% of marketers are distributing content on LinkedIn! LinkedIn influences 7 out of 10 B2B buyers in every stage of the buying process. In fact, buying committees trust LinkedIn more than other websites to receive information relevant to their purchasing decisions.B2B buyers actively seek insights and conversations with vendors on social media. They are >50% more likely to engage with vendors on LinkedIn than on other social networks.Brands with higher engagement on LinkedIn are 1.5X to 2X more likely to get the meeting or live chat.

Brands with higher engagement on LinkedIn are 1.5X to 2X more likely to get the meeting or live chat.

Why LinkedIn for Social Product MarketingIts Where Your Buyers Are!

For Social Product Marketing

No Cohesive Strategy That Is Tied to Revenue GenerationThought Leadership Content is Not the Backbone of Their ProgramNo Thought on How B2B Buyers Make Their Purchasing Decisions Using LinkedIn and How They Can Support the Buyers JourneyTheyre Just Pushing Out Content Instead of Pulling People InWhy Sales & Marketing is Not Generating Leads and Demand Using LinkedInWhats Getting in the Way of an Effective Social Product Marketing Program on LinkedIn?Even though LinkedIn is the most powerful lead generation, demand generation and customer development tool, most sales and marketing leaders do not know how to drive maximum results.

Sales and marketing is not working together theyre each taking their own tactical approach (instead of a cohesive approach that leads to revenues), theyre using techniques and strategies that no longer work, and theyre focused on reaching instead of engaging.

For Social Product Marketing

How Our Managed Social Product Marketing on LinkedIn Programs Will Help You Get on the Fast Track to Accelerated Product Revenues.Provide you with a LinkedIn strategy that brings sales, marketing and product marketing leaders together to achieve the goal of attaining revenuesEffectively increase your LinkedIn presence in a way that makes it easy for B2B buyers to want to connect with you and start a relationshipFind and hand-pick for you qualified prospects using our intelligent prospecting system Build communities of interest for you around your product or solution Test your messaging for you to ensure that prospects are connecting with your solutions valueHelp you bridge the gap between B2B buyers by providing buyers with the content value they want so theyll want to enter a sales conversation with salesNurture relationships with key decision makers using content that helps them transition through the buying process and move them toward a sales callIntegrate white papers, webinar, email marketing and other initiatives to generate more leads and drive demand furtherTrack actions in order to optimize the lead to revenue process on LinkedIn

For Social Product Marketing

A Strong, Cohesive LinkedIn Strategy is the Difference Between a B2B Sales and Marketing Team Thats Driving Demand and Enjoying Consistent Sales Leads and Revenue Opportunities and One That Just Has a Presence and Lots of Connections

For Social Product Marketing

Get LinkedIn Help Can Do It All For You And Manage the Complete Social Product Marketing Program on LinkedIn

For Social Product Marketing

Results Were Achieving with Our Managed Social Product Marketing Programs on LinkedInLeading Technology Firm Builds a Community of 900+ Key Decision Makers From Companies Like:

This led to more RFPs and opportunities in the private sector!More Leads to Revenue Opportunities for Leading Communications Tech CompanyIn fact, we generated more leads and sales ready revenue opportunities that all of their other marketing initiatives combined.

Because of the on-LinkedIn and off-LinkedIn nurturing strategies we put into place the leads and opps became closed deals.17 Different Companies Have Reached Out to One of Our Clients in the Last Year:

For Social Product Marketing

Lets Get Started with a Free Social Product Marketing on LinkedIn Strategy & Planning Session:Evaluation of Your Current LinkedIn Prospecting StrategyAssessment of Your Lead to Revenue ProcessReview of Your Social Content StrategyAnalysis of Your LinkedIn PresenceSchedule Your Free Call with the LinkedIn Marketing Experts at:

For Social Product Marketing

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For Social Product Marketing

About & Kristina JaramilloWe are passionate marketers focused on harnessing the power of the LinkedIn network to generate leads, develop prospects and establish thought leadership positions for our clients. Weve been doing it since 2009 using our proven process to produce amazing results.

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