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  • 1. Question 2 How effective is the combination of your main product (video) and ancillary texts (digipak and advertisement)?

2. Visual Links Clear visual links between both the video and ancillary products are vital as it shows that both promotional media products are linked. This aspect of linking images is also called synergy. During the researching period I examined an array of different artists and looked at how their music videos then linked with the promotions surrounding their album release. I found a common trend in two of the artists that I chose to analyse. 3. Daft Punk Daft Punk are one of the artists that I looked at and they use Synergy especially well, which inspired me to use my products synergy in a similar manner. As you can recognise both ancillary products use the same font for the album name, the same image of two helmets joined together and the black background. Now if you look at the music video to Get Lucky we can again see the two helmets, the title at the beginning of the song. This use of synergy has created unique visual links which allow their audience to immediately associate the helmets with Daft Punk. I thought about making my synergy links unique, CD cover as lights is such a general term, therefore I made a decision to use a certain type of lights within my work.Advertisement / PosterClips from Video 4. Katy Perry Another artist that I feel demonstrates this use of synergy within their two media products is Katy Perry. In 2012 se released her album Teenage Dream and within her video California Gurls the audience will spot identifiable links between them. The colour scheme of white, pink, blue and red can be spotted immediately. Moreover the font her name is written in is identical on the CD and Poster. The video contains the pink candyfloss and red and white candy-canes as the video is set amongst a lot of oversized candy. Therefore, the audience will recognise Perrys attempts to ensure her video is remembered due to the countless links within both media products.Advertisement/ PosterClips from VideoCD cover 5. Synergy Bokeh Lights From my initial ideas to incorporate synergy within my promotional packages I have altered my ideas slightly. Whilst conducting my research at the beginning of the process I wanted to use Bokeh Lights, predominantly the ones within the city capturing them at night-time. The lights were accessible to use during filming as our video was set in the Southbank at night, therefore we were able to film various lights in different places in the city. Within our video this is recognised through our use of opacity editing, when we merge the a shot of the lights and then a mid shot of my face together. This occurs throughout the video as I wanted to follow Goodwins theory of Amplification within my video; repeating certain moments so the audience can relate to the video.However, this was not so easy when producing my ancillary products. I wanted to have good lighting for the Digipak and Poster images as we are promoting a new artist who is not so well known to her audience of teens- young adults, therefore a clear image is vital. This meant that mirroring the lights that feature in the video would be quite impossible. Therefore, my solution was to print an image of Bokeh Lights on acetate and project this onto a white wall which created the effect of a backdrop. The colours of the lights were pink, purple and white, which worked well with the costume I decided to wear. 6. The Wind Effect My other idea for representing synergy was to show my hair blowing in the wind, this was easy to demonstrate whilst filming along the Southbank. Many shots, especially those in slow motion capture my hair moving in the wind. This effect created a calm and insightful tome within the video. However, in terms of showing this within my ancillary work it proved to be challenging, as we used a Photography studio in college to take the shots. We used a fan to try and replicate the natural wind within the video, however it was challenging and I kept on laughing. However, through positioning myself in the right way we were able to show some sort of movement with my hair.The image I used for the front cover of my digipak 7. Audience The core audience for my music video were 15-25 year olds, however I feel that both media products can connect with a wider audience of al ages and ethnicities.We used well-known locations within my video to accentuate the urban feel of the artist. Moreover, the audience would be able to recognise where we may have shot the video. Whereas, for my ancillary work a location is not really established. Therefore, I feel that Digipak and Advertisement reach out to a wider audience, as I am merely introducing the artist in the promotional products and attempting to gain a international audience; they may listen to the music and enjoy it as opposed to realising shes a London based artist and then switching off, so it gives them the opportunity to not be stereotypical about the artist and her background. 8. Have I challenged Conventions? I had previously looked at the work of both Katy Perry and Daft Punk to try and identify if my work in any way replicates what they have done. My video follows Goodwins theory of Disjuncture; having no set narrative or clear link to the lyrics of the song. In Daft Punks Get Lucky they use disjuncture and odd costumes which have no identifiable link to the lyrics. Within my video, my group decided to follow no set narrative as for new artists it is about introducing themselves to their audience, as opposed to telling a story about something that is irrelevant. Moreover, my Ancillary Work follows the conventions in more that one way. The artists name is in larger font than the album title I use social media icons and the artists website so the audience can connect with them. The images are clear and show the artist in a neutral way (no nudity or art) I have included where to get the album (Itunes) I have attempted to demonstrate the disclaimer material in a realistic way. 9. To Conclude.. Overall I feel that both of my Media products replicate a realistic album release, I feel that both of my products link together through my use of synergy. I feel that they are both effective in different ways.. The use of editing in the video makes it visually appealing to its audience (use of slow mo, opacity editing and location) Whereas, my ancillary work is effective due to the information provided through it, as well as the colour scheme which is bright and clear allowing the audience to be attracted to it. I feel confident about the work that I have produced these past few months and have learnt a lot about the production process that goes into forming these products within the music industry.