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My proposal for my music magazine

My proposal for my music magazineIn this I will tell what my initial ideas are for my magazine. It will not be my definite decision on what I want to do.

The type of magazine that I want to create is an indie music magazine. I have decided to choose that style because it is a style of music that I enjoy listening to as well as enjoying the task of making of the magazine. I also have people who I think will model well for the photoshoot. I recently produced my photoshoot and I can tell you that the pictures turned out better than planned. The use of gels help to give the photo an indie feel, and that is what I think gives the photos the best effect. For the magazine I want my artist to be an upcoming new artist who has recently joined the music industry. I will try to make my music magazine successful by having a good high quality photo that represents the style of music Im doing. Also my articles need to be unique and different, so that they encompass the typical indie music magazine style but the actual content that is different. Genre

Frequency/Target audienceI am planning on publishing my magazine on a monthly bases, because I think that in monthly issues you can produce more content over wider issues within the magazine compared to weekly issues. This means that I can write more content within my magazine about my upcoming artist and other features. Comparing my monthly magazine to a weekly one means that people will have to wait for it longer, but there would be a lot more content within the magazine and it will be at a higher quality because technically you have had more time to create and improve the magazine so it can be the best it can be.

My target audience will be around the ages of 15 to 35 year olds. I find that this age range best suits my magazine because, I think that younger people will be more interested in my new upcoming artist and the style of music that I have chosen. My target audience will benefit from my magazine, because they will get monthly updates of what new artists are out touring and producing and what established indie artists have hit their music on the charts. As well as that I may include a range of indie artists who people would be listening to.

Similar magazinesThe magazines that are similar to my own magazine are Q magazine and NME magazine. These are the main magazines that I will base my own magazine on, another magazine that is not main competition, but I could get some ideas from is the Rolling Stone music magazine. I think that this magazine is mainly based on a range on music which is why I could try to incorporate a few ideas from their magazine, but I would change it to make it indie. The important feature about Q magazine is its logo in the top left hand corner. When you see that logo straight away you instantly know its Q magazine and that they are going to feature an indie/rock artist or band. Thinking about this point, you could say the same for Rolling Stone and NME. Both logos stand out on the page and they all utilise the colour red. The use of red makes the logo pop because it can be a vibrant colour. This is something that I could incorporate within my work.

ContentLooking at previous magazines there are multiple features that I would plan to feature in my work. The main features that every magazine should have is the masthead, main image, and the main heading and some subheadings. What I would like to feature in my work is possibly a few subheadings which will grab peoples attention and some buttons or banners which will advertise competition and the prizes that are available. Even though my magazine will not be physically sold, I would like to add a barcode just so it would look more like a real magazine. The masthead would be one of the features on the page which stands out the most. Other than the main image the masthead will use big bold fonts and hopefully will be catchy enough to make people want to pick up the magazine. As I have already done my photoshoot, I know what type of images Im going to use. There are a few where I have used red and blue gels against a white backdrop, and I personally think that they best suit my theme which means I am more likely to use them. The headings will be bold and will most probably be a colour that stands out from the background. This would be the same for the subheadings and smaller writing sections on the front cover. For the contents page I will use some more images from my photoshoot, as well introducing other artists and including photos from them, (for my photoshoot I used 3 people so I have a range of artists to feature). I would include the page numbers along with what's on each page, and also I might add some tweets, and possibly some reviews that people have given about the magazine. On the double page spreads, I will have the main image along with the article from an interview or something similar. Another idea that I have is that I will include concert tours. This is when you can get an exclusive access of concert tickets before they go up on general sale. You would only be able to get this if you sign up for a subscription with my magazine.

Ideas I have already done my photoshoot so I already have an idea of what images I am going to use for the front cover, contents and double page spread. For the front cover I will most probably use an image that is close up, so it would be a full bleed image. If I was to change my mind, then I would use a mid shot, which is not a full bleed image. For the contents page, I would use some of the remaining images, and that would be a range of full bleed and non full bleed. As I used more than one model, I may use some of my other images and show another artists, but she would not be the main artist on that page. Also she may be an artist that is already well known. For the main majority of all my photos I used gels, and I personally really like them as I think it really helps if your creating an indie music magazine. Also two of my models wore a denim jacket, and the other model wore a leather jacket. All of the outfits used suit my theme. Moreover, when I done my survey I included a question which was, what colour best suits and indie music magazine and the options were, red, grey and black, black, white and blue, red, yellow and blue, and lastly white, grey and black. Out of all of them, the most common answer was black, red and grey. This is the colour scheme which I will use, although I may have hints of blue, because in my photos I used blue gels as well as red.

Mood/Values of your magazine, Publicity and Unique selling point I would like my magazine to have some seriousness about it but at the same I would like it to be edgy and fun. The reason why I want my magazine to be serious is because, the photos that I have taken are mainly all serious faced, and I did that because I'm trying to make the magazine as cool and as indie as possible. The first thing that I would do is to advertise competitions and freebees within my magazine. I would do this because it may encourage the reader to pick the magazine up and buy it. As well as this I plan to include tweets at the bottom of alternate pages. They may be comments about what people would like to see in the next issue and what people liked about the magazine, etc. Furthermore, I would include the website link, twitter link, and Instagram link at the bottom of each page. My magazine is going to be different from others, because my magazine will advertise concert tours. What I mean by this is that you will get exclusive access to concert and festival tickets before they have been put up on general sale. This means that you can get the best seats in the house without having to rush to try buy them when they come out on general sale. All you would have to do is sign up for the subscription and you will automatically be sent an email when certain tickets go on pre sale.