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Social Media proposal for Financial Services

IntroductionM&A is pleased to provide you with our Facebook Marketing for Christian Nonprofits & Churches Package. The intent of the proposal is to deliver a Campaign designed to:

Achieve a strong Facebook presence and build a community of followers in your target countries.

Create brand awareness, increase the number of followers. Reach your target market Strengthen your position as a leader in the industry

Drive greater engagement, convert audience into strong brand advocates.

The Benefits of working with M&A

M&A is uniquely positioned to provide you with the results you need to help grow your audience and achieve your goals.

Increase Reach & Engagement M&A has more than 1,000,000 targeted Christians as Facebook connections and more than 1,000 Christianity related Facebook groups that can be used to reach your target market. M&A can help you boost your reach to more than 10,000,000 targeted audience per month. Stay open 24/7 M&A can help you engage on different time zones, making it easier to reach out to your prospects or clients.

Seamless Service - With clear lines of communication, we offer a seamless service that cannot be matched. Facebook Marketing PackageYour package will include:

1. Facebook Brand ambassadors to daily connect and engage with your target market

2. Sharing your posts daily to 100+ Christianity related Facebook groups to connect and engage with your target market Your package will result in:

1,000+ Real & Targeted Facebook Page followers / month Increased visibility & growth through M&As 1m connections and groups Increased brand awareness & position as a leader in the industry 500,000 Reach to your target audience

Greater engagement & converting audience into strong brand advocates.

Price: 500 / month(It will cost 4,000 to get the same results with Facebook marketing and the audience will not be as targeted)