Google, Facebook and Twitter Analytics

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This month we break down the kinks behind Google, Facebook and Twitter Analytics.

Text of Google, Facebook and Twitter Analytics

  • Measure, Modify, Repeat Using analytics and quantitative measurement to reach your goals Angeline Evans -
  • Setting up a measurement plan Goal What business goal do you want to achieve? Metrics What measurable index can get you toward your goal? Targets What target numbers do you want to reach?
  • Tool - Google Analytics
  • Case Study: FIU News Objective : Increase pageviews by 30%. Measure Popular stories Landing page Mobile traffic Behavior Traffic sources
  • Case Study: FIU News Modify Redesign E-newsletter Repeat Weekly and monthly reporting Traffic sources
  • Get started How can you apply web measurement tools to your goals?
  • Resources Google Analytics Academy: http://analyticsacademy. Google Analytics Configuration Tool: http://gaconfig. com/ Occams Razor (Avinash Kaushik):
  • Facebook & Twitter Analytics Ryan Morejon - Jodi-Ann Reid -
  • How do you get better content using analytics?
  • Turn your goals into questions What kind of social content is most effective? What content will give me the most engagement? Are my posts readable? Too long, too short? How do I get more likes on a page? How can I get more clicks on a post?
  • Facebook Insights
  • Facebook Insights Tricky, but very visual and comprehensive Facebook Insights Tool (website) Data export (Excel file)
  • Overview of Insights Page Likes Post Reach Visits Posts and Post-types People (Audience)
  • Page Likes It should be going up! Measure page-like data over time Benchmark page likes over time Net likes, unlikes or paid likes per day Where did your likes come from? On your page Ads/Sponsored Page Suggestions Uncategorized Mobile Others
  • Post Reach The number of people who saw your posts Average likes/comments/shares per post. Determining good shareable content Whos hiding/reporting as spam/unliking? Total reach Navigate through each day Paid posts Is your current budget working for you?
  • Page Visits Timeline, Photos, Info and Others Tabs Mentions, Posts by Other People, Check-Ins If external, where are they coming from? google other less popular
  • Page Posts When are your fans online? Craft content based on when theyre on. Types of posts that are most successful For us: status and video posts do best Photos & Links do meh Analyze individual posts Reach Engagement Targeting
  • Likes = People All about your audience demographic Gender, country, city, language Demographics for: Fans/Likes People Reached People Engaged Check-ins Getting to know your audience Crafting content for them
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Choose how post is displayed - in Newsfeed or at top right hand corner Choose up to six images Ability to define audience Bid for page likes, clicks, or impressions
  • Twitter Insights
  • Twitter Insights Twitter added an ad system And it comes with analytics! Kinda hidden Click on Twitter Ads Lets you see: Individual Tweet Activity Followers Interests
  • Tweet Activity Data on specific posts Favorites, Retweets and Reach Reach: how many Twitter feeds it landed on. More retweets, more reach. Mentions, follows and unfollows on any given day (Shows the last 30 days) Highlights posts that are in the top 15%
  • Followers Get to know your audience like really getting to know them. Lifetime of follows Interests, Location (Countries, states, cities), Gender and who they follow. Get a real handle on what exactly your audience is into.
  • Readability How readable is you content? What grade level is it? Understood by age and grade level, based on Flesch Kincaid scale.
  • Any questions?