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  • 1. COVER: The masthead is in block white capitals, with the being in the foreground, it then stands out on the image of the artist.The overall image of the page is slightly minimalistic and seems quite formal, this suggests the magazine is quite simple and has a varied audience. The cover contrasts to the content in the way that the cover seems slightly simple, yet the genre of music it targets is alternative and different.There is only one image used on the page, which makes the cover look simplistic and easy to understand, as the design is slightly basic.The main feature image is attractive to the reader as the image uses direct mode of address. This then targets the individual, which attracts the reader.The anchorage, which is in the foreground of the image, is a quote from the feature inside the magazine. The quote is rather different and random, which makes the reader curious and wanting them to read moreWith the image dominating the whole cover, this then attracts the audience as her image is extremely eye catching due to her hair colour.The artists name is shortened to Florence this creates a relationship between the artist and reader, which makes the reader feel more relaxed and comfortable when reading the magazine.

2. CONTENTS PAGE:The masthead from the cover of the magazine, has been copied to the contents, creating the house style to continue throughout the magazine.With all of the text being black, this highlights that it all links together, it also continues the house style colours.The contrasting colour, yellow, is used to make is prominent to the other text on the page, therefore due to the text in yellow being a plug the magazine are trying to encourage the audience to notice it.With the headline being the same font as the NME logo font, however with a colour change, this shows the important of the NME text, making it more important than the other text.With the standard black and red continuing from the cover to the contents page, this again, shows the continuity of the house style.With the subheadings being highlighted black, this then makes them stand out from the grey background and the other text on the page, attracting the audience to take notice. 3. DOUBLE PAGE SPEAD:Within the main image, the artist is dressed in all black and heels, this appeals to the male reader as the image has been used to sexualise the artist.With the image being a long shot of the artist, it dominates half of the spread, this is due to the artist (Florence Welch) being well known enough, therefore a long interview is not needed as her alone will create the magazine to sell. The American flag and the letters USA being in the background of the image suggest that the artist is attempting to conquer America, therefore this then creates the reader to question, what will she do next?The italic font used, highlights the genre of the artists music, creating the image of her music to be rather soft, this contrasts to the image of her on the opposite side of the page, with the black making the image look harsh.The composition of the spread has been laid out making the reader initially focus on the image, then to the headline, making them want to read the text. By the image dominating half of the pages, this shows how importance her image is. The colour scheme of the double page spread is very basic. The two colours used are red and red, enabling the artist to stand out from the grey background, this then implies that the artist is much different to other artists.The language used is specific and direct to the reader, got the love addresses a target audience who are familiar with her genre of music.