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<p> 1. How to ruin your social media marketing campaign So youre thinking about starting a Social Media Account for your business, or maybe you have one already. Whatever your position, here is an easy step by step guide to ruining your social media marketing campaign. I hope I dont offend! 1) Completely ignore the people that interact with you, you know your customers. If they tweet about how great you are, dont bother sharing what they have to say. 2) Never reply to a complaint. If you ignore it, then essentially it doesnt exist Right? 3) With regards to the last point, if someone does complain in a rude manner and youre just so angry that you cant resist replying, be just as rude back. Swear at them if you like. Brand damaging? Whats that? 4) Get your brand on EVERY social media site. Every single one! Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, the lot. Its the only plausible way to make sure everyone sees your posts 5) Post about any old thing, relevant or not. Your cat just died? Post about it. After all, Fluffy deserves for the world to know how much you loved him. 6) Dont ask for anyone elses opinion for content. Its YOUR social media feed, so why should anyone else get a say? 7) Put any old display picture up. Low quality? Who cares? Nobody looks at them anyway. 8) Make sure youre completely corporate, after all, you are running a business. 9) #Hashtag #Every #Single #Word #So #More #People #See #It 10) Post every single second of every single day. Your followers obviously only want to hear about your brand, so they wont mind a cluttered news feed. 11) If after a week on good ol Facebook, you havent seen a profit increase of 50%, give up. Delete your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine accounts. Social Media isnt important anyway. Now my sarcastic rant is over, I thought Id give some advice regarding the points above. 1) Obviously, do not ignore the people that interact with you online. Reply, RT or whatever it is thats appropriate at the time. This will help avoid consumers feeling that your brand lacks interest in its customers. 2) Do reply to complaints, in a polite and helpful way. Apologise for any mistakes on your brands behalf and try to fix it in any way possible. Ignoring it means that anyone can see their comment and you look as if you again, lack interest in your customers. 3) DO NOT be rude to customers. All it takes for your brands reputation to be ruined is word of mouth, which can spread surprisingly quickly online. Oh, and dont swear either, some people will find it offensive. 4) It isnt necessary to put your company on every social networking platform, only some will be relevant to you and it will become impossible &amp; unnecessary to keep up with every one. Stick to a few, concentrate on them and itll be much easier to manage. 2. 5) Make sure your content is relevant. You can wish your fans a Merry Christmas of course but try not to steer too far away from your brand. For example, if youre a fashion brand, talk about recent outfits on celebrities that you like and post images. Encourage fans to send images of them in their favourite outfits, or wearing something from your brand. Whatever you do, make sure you stay on topic but dont let it be all about you. People get bored easily. I know consumers are so temperamental. 6) Social Media Marketing takes time! Dont give up on it. Customers nowadays expect you to have a social feed, if you dont it reflects badly on the brand making it seem outdated. Dont expect miracles from it, but trust me it works. 7) Pleeeeeaaaaaase dont clog my feed up with your posts. If I follow you, I want to hear from you but not every second of every day. Its like a relationship, if you texted your partner every minute of every day, theyd get bored of your clinginess and break it off. Dont make your customers break up with you, er I mean unfollow you. 8) Everyones different, so everyone at your company will have different ideas on what should go into your social feed. Im not saying you should put all the things people suggest online, but you should take their opinion into account. Not every one of your fans will have the same personality as you, so a mix of content is good. 9) Make sure your display pictures are high quality, and quite frankly, attractive. Your picture is the first impression you make on social media, so make sure its a good impression. 10) Do not be too corporate on social media. Its social. People want to speak to other humans on social media, they want friendly interaction. Not to talk to a businessman or a robot. 11) Lets not hashtag every single word you put. Its annoying, unnecessary and makes you look as if you dont know what youre doing. </p>