How to Use Pinterest for Business: A "Getting Started" Guide for Beginners

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A Getting Started Guide to Skyrocket Your Success

How to Use Pinterest for Business:

Facts1FACT: the half-life of a Pinterest pin is 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.2FACT:the average Pinterest user spends 14.2 minutes pinning every time they log in.3FACT: Pinterest was thefastest growing social network in 2014, growing by a whopping 97 percent!

#Common Pinterest MythsOnly women are on PinterestPeople only pin food & wedding contentMy target audience isnt on PinterestMy product or service wont translate to Pinterest


Getting Started on Pinterest#STEP 1: Set Up Your Business AccountYou have 2 choices:2Convert Your Personal Profile to a Business Account1Create a Brand New Business Account (in Addition to Your Profile) 1

#STEP 2: Complete Your ProfileUpload your most current headshot or logo1Choose your username2Add your bio including keywords that are optimized for search3Add details thatll connect people to you4Add your location5Add your website6

#STEP 3: Verify Your WebsiteWithout verification, you wont have access to Pinterest Analytics.

#Request Access to Rich Pins

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin itself. Right now, there are five types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place.


Before you can get started with Rich Pins, you need to request access & add specific markup code to your website or blog.

321Verify Your Rich Pins

Go to the Rich Pin Validation PageCopy the URL of your content & paste it into the Rich Pin ValidatorClick Validate


Now youre ready to set up boards & start pinning, commenting, Liking & repinning.

Pinterest Lingo1Boardsare buckets of categorized content2Secret Boards- No one but you or someone youve invited can view3Group Boards- Group boards have multiple pinners sharing content4Pin- An image added to a board linking to an external website 6#

STEP 2: Set Up BoardsBegin with 10 boards.

Naming your boards will be based on your keywords, terms or phrases.#

Think about keywords that youre currently using within your website.Each one should be used in an organic way to describe the content found within your boards.

STEP 3: Find & Pin Content

#Tips to Pin Great ContentSearch a specific keyword or phrase in PinterestPin your evergreen blog contentTake newsletter tips & turn them into quote graphicsUse your RSS reader to add favorite blogs & actively pin their content

Visit sites like to find new content#Final Step: Spread the Word!

A Few IdeasWrite a blog post about Pinterest with a call-to-action to follow youSend an email to your subscriber list & share your new Pinterest accountAdd the link to your email signatureAdd the Pin It Button or Pin widget to your blogAdd a Pinterest share button to your blog

#Getting Started RecapPin great imagesKnow your target marketShare quality contentFollow pinners who have similar interests & share, Like, or comment on their pinsPromote your Pinterest account on your website or blogCheck your analytics frequently to see whos sharing your content

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