How Twitter can help build your personal brand

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<ul><li><p>how twittercan help</p><p>build yourpersonal</p><p>brand</p></li><li><p>Step 1: List your fields of expertise</p><p>Your areas of expertise define </p><p>&amp;who you are what you do</p><p>Its best to develop yourself in a very specificniche. With a niche focus, youll have moreopportunities to prove you know what youre</p><p>talking about, and while your potentialaudience might be slightly smaller, it will also</p><p>be that much more relevant.</p><p>- Jayson Demers</p></li><li><p>Step 2: Put extra effort in craftingyour Twitter bio</p><p>The #1 thing your potential followers will see</p><p>You've got 160 characters to shine</p><p>You've got 160 characters to shine</p></li><li><p>Step 3: Use an actual picture ofyourself</p><p>Quality imagery with attention to detail, notonly makes your profile look nice but it alsoinspires trust and help you convey your storyand your personal brands value proposition</p><p>in a more complete way.</p></li><li><p>Step 4: Be smart about who you follow</p><p>Create a plan on who to follow on Twitter:- Listen to your Twitter community;- Build relationships- Create a firehose for curating Twitter content- Grow your audience.</p></li><li><p>Step 5: Use the right hashtags toamplify your message</p><p>Twitter hashtags can potentially be amajor driver of traffic if:they are used wisely.</p></li><li><p>Step 6: Commit</p><p>Committing is not only aboutdedicating time but also effort to shareyour expertise and add value to your</p><p>community.</p><p>Your Twitter content plan should coverthree main aspects:</p><p>- What you will post,- When youll post in, and- Which forms of content youll choose to convey your message.</p></li><li><p>Step 7: Be a chatty fella</p><p>Participating in a Twitter chat meansadding value to your community withuseful information and valuable advice.This can help you increase your Twitteraudience and ultimately build long</p><p>lasting relationships that are more likelyto generate leads, as your account</p><p>becomes more visible.</p><p>Go to:</p><p> for an overview of relevant Twitter</p><p>chats in your timezone</p></li><li><p>Step 8: Listen monitor and engage</p><p>Being a good Twitter listener, allows youto build a stronger community for your</p><p>personal brand by engaging andbuilding relationships with the peoplethat matter to you, participating in</p><p>Twitter conversations that are relevantand of course monitoring your progress.</p></li><li><p>Presentation by:Twitter Counter</p><p>Twitter Counter is an analytics service forTwitter. It provides statistics of Twitterusage, and also offers a variety of widgetsand buttons that people can add to theirblogs, websites or social network profilesto show recent Twitter visitors andnumber of followers.</p><p>Among customers:</p></li></ul>