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<p>Image Ideas</p> <p>Image IdeasBy Simon Cheshire1Front Cover IdeasAll of these front cover images inspired me because I chose to try and mirror the poses that the actual artists are doing I tried to Create these in my own way to try and re-create the moods which each of these magazines give off. For example the NME magazine cover featuring Liam Gallagher shows him being cocky and arrogant because of the way he is positioned and his facial expressions. Furthermore the other NME front cover of the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance is a close up of him putting my emphasis onto his facial expressions compared to his clothing. I have tried to create this with a few close ups of my own musicians. However I wasnt able to re create the red hair which is a important part of the picture as it signifies danger the way that his music does.The Vibe magazine is a close up of the main artist this influenced me to choose this sort of photo because it catches the audiences attention a lot more and also has a lot more meaning because he is looking like he has something to say which would engage the reader. All these magazines influenced me into taking certain pictures because I feel that each one has a very important meaning however there are each important in different ways. But they all sell the magazine.</p> <p>2This particular Q magazine influenced me greatly because it shows me that a basic extreme close up of someone can be hugely significant in the fact that it explains a story, feelings and emotions a lot more than a picture with lots of actions would do. Also it showed me that a plain black and white picture can also be greatly effective because this shows the mood of the star. For example in this magazine you can see regret and anger, this may be regret from Noel splitting from Oasis and as this sell lines mentions this is what is being talked about in the feature article.This double page feature article of Nicki Minaj influenced me with the use of props greatly because as you can see in the picture she has a big ring on, bright necklaces and a bright coloured dress. These are important because they catch the audiences attention more than if she was just stood there smiling etc. Also the fact that they are so bright catches the readers attention. This influenced me because it showed that thinking out side of the box can be beneficial in making a good magazine.</p> <p>3IdeasThe photo of Noel Gallagher influenced me because it showed me that a normal every day pose can be effective in showing what a character is like and can help convey a particular story. In this picture you can see him acting casual in casual clothing which showed you dont have to be formal. This influenced my photos because in my photo shoot my actors are wearing jeans, trainers and t-shirts just like this in this picture. This picture also influenced me to get my actors to be creative when using hand gestures because it can help show a lot of emotion just like in this picture, he has his hand out and this shows he is more casual and far more relaxed compared to many other artists which can be seen in his music. Lastly it shows that a plain white background can be effective as it emphasises the main star rather than anything else. This photo of a man with his foot on the wall influenced me when I had my photo shoot because I feel this photo is very effective in showing the actor as being relaxed and chilled out. Also he can now be thought of being a cool person which was the exact sort of feeling I wanted around my actors because my main article is about how the new up and coming artist is cool and relaxed around his music and life.</p> <p>4The Gallaghers I felt that the Gallagher brothers out of Oasis influenced my choice of pictures greatly, mainly due to the fact that I am trying to base my main stars around them and the way that they are perceived to the music world. Everything such as: their clothes, their props, their positioning in shots and their facial expressions all influenced me in taking particular photos. Also the type of music they create is the exact genre for my magazine which means that if the target audience can see a connection between my stars and OASIS then they are more likely to read the magazine which I felt was kind of like using star system with out using the stars. Furthermore the way they are both dressed influenced me because they both like to have all their buttons done up on their shirts with the collar up and in many of my photos I did this because it creates a sort of swagger around someone and that they look like the ultimate rock and roll star. Also when they are in a photo shoot they usually a captured wearing dark clothes which influenced me because I decided not to wear bright colours in my photo shoot as it creates a different identity for the rock/pop music genre that I am trying to create in my magazine.</p> <p>5PropsMany photos influenced me to use a variety of props. I decided to use a guitar, a hat and sunglasses mainly due to the fact of the images that I viewed during the planning of my photo shoot. First of all the picture of the Gallaghers influenced me to use a guitar because it makes it seem that they are actually performing one of their songs while having a photo taken and it depending on what guitar is being used it shows what genre of music they play. In my photo shoot I have a mix of both electric and acoustic guitars to show two different genres of music.The use of sunglasses really appealed to me after seeing this photo of Tinie Tempah mainly due to the fact that it could have two or more meanings. For example it could mean that he is trying to be cool and different by wearing glasses in doors and it could also mean that there is something secretive about him because of the glasses and the fact he is hiding something.</p> <p>6</p>