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A sample report from India's leading social media monitoring tool konnectsocial.com Konnect Social crawls millions of blogs, forums, mainstream news and social media sites to provide insights on what people are talking about your brand and your competitors. Konnect Social is a preferred tool by brands from Telecom, Banking, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Energy & Power sector.


  • 1. w w w. k o n n e c t s o c i a l . c o m Listening Report Date : 1st May 2014 To 31st May 2014
  • 2. Objective of the Report The purpose of this Report is to deliver a tangible insight into the online resonance of real-world events and add genuine value to ongoing strategic marketing and customer service discussions within the organization To identify the key drivers of conversation around the market and competitor brands, causes of negative and positive brand mentions, and identify key influencers, followers, sites and communities hosting these conversations. To identify areas of Opportunities
  • 3. Contents Industry Overview Overall Share of Voice Source Analysis Sentiment Analysis Conversation Snapshot Brand Overview Twitter Analysis Facebook Analysis SWOT Analysis Recommendations
  • 4. Share of Voice Over Time - Brand Vs. Competition Peak in the buzz for Brand 1 was observed on fourth week of May, News around Brand 1 reporting 40 % increase in the conversation compared to the last month in the same week.
  • 5. Overall Share of Voice Competitor 3 dominated the buzz followed by Brand 1 & Competitor 2 ; Competitor 1 got the least buzz
  • 6. Brand Share of Voice Over Time While extensive complaints continued to be seen for the Customer Care service, the volume of these complaints has reduced slightly versus last month. Here, mostly complaints were seen in relation to Inappropriate Response and the quantum of these complaints has increased versus last month.
  • 7. Brand Month-on-Month Volume Analysis The conversations for the month of April were the highest due the news, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit This news was shared extensively with negative sentiment This also resulted in the high share of negative conversations for April across the last 3 months
  • 8. Brand Month-on-Month Volume Analysis It is very important for every brand to measure its online sentiment. Measuring the online sentiment in terms of a score helps a brand in maintaining favorable visibility online, identify areas of concern, and act on them We have defined a formula that measures the social sentiments. The formula is as under: Positive-Negative Positive+Negative The score has dipped in April due to the dramatic rise in negative conversations Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut The SSI improved in May as there were positive news shared by the people on Twitter and Facebook Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing
  • 9. Overview Overview Brand 1 Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4 Total Conversations 25132 20923 24054 26435 22339 Total Irrelevant 34 28 27 54 47 Conversations Classified 18849 14646 16838 18240 14520 Negative Results 10703 8788 10103 11103 9382 Positive Results 2536 2092 2405 2644 2234 Neutral Results 11893 10043 11546 12688 10723 SIM Score 0.15 0.16 0.16 0.16 0.16
  • 10. Conversation Snapshot
  • 11. Overall Media Type Analysis - Brand Vs. Competition This month, most chatter was seen on Twitter which mainly comprised of quick views / feedback and amplification of updates. Many discussions were also seen around the Mobile product on the brand platform . For the brand, Complaint Sites followed second. Here mostly the complaints were related to the network issues and customer service Facebook was the third most popular platform this month. On this media type, conversations were seen mainly for the Mobile product of the brand.
  • 12. Brand Media Type Analysis Audiences mainly resorted to Twitter and Complaint Sites to express their negative feedback. However, sentiment on Twitter was inclined towards neutral, and hence appeared more balanced than Forums. On all platforms except Complaint Sites, sentiment proportion was favorable . Positive references were particularly high on open platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • 13. Overall Sentiment Analysis Brand Vs. Competition
  • 14. Sentiment Analysis Over Time Positive buzz around Financial earnings news, promotional contests, portfolio recommendation etc Negative buzz were mostly customers complains around unknown deduction, poor customer service un answered query & promo calls etc. Many complains around Brand 1 restricted promo calls & customer service were observed
  • 15. Classification Analysis Casual mentions where people have shared the news about Lorem ipsum dolor sit has high negative conversations Fraud, Mis-selling, and Service related complaints are high across the months.
  • 16. Brand Regional Analysis Audience from Mumbai & Delhi were most concerned about our brand, Majority of them were interested in Corporate News & few among them were advisors & consultants who shared about various tips & suggestions on investments
  • 17. Twitter Share of Voice Peak in the buzz for Brand 1 was observed on fourth week, News around Brand 1 reporting 40 % increase in the conversation compared to the last month in the same week.
  • 18. Facebook Analysis Fan Growth
  • 19. Twitter Account Activity By Hour
  • 20. Facebook Admin Posts and Engagement
  • 21. New Likes and Unlikes Over Time - Facebook
  • 22. Fan Page Engagement and Reach Over Time - Facebook 12 May was the most popular week generating maximum number of engagement. The engagement increased by 1286.96% compared to the last week and decreased by -79.6238% in the next week. In the week where most engagement happened there were 3 outbound (admin) posts. 05 May was the least popular week generating 10 engagement in the selected period.
  • 23. Account Followers Over Time - Twitter
  • 24. Followers Details - Twitter
  • 25. SWOT Analysis
  • 26. Methodology of this Report This report is compiled using Konnect Social Insights Dashboard. The Konnect Social data is collected worldwide, from over 150 million sources and supported by multiple languages in our system. Where appropriate, the analysis is focused on India-only conversations.
  • 27. Methodology of this Report This report aspires to be concise and operative, meeting the practical demands of Industry, each brand is reviewed with the most relevant analysis for its particular context.
  • 28. Key Findings and Recommendations
  • 29. Way Forward