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  • Megan C. Powers

    Powers of Marketing



  • What Well Cover High-Level Overview of Different Social Platforms (4 biz)

    Purposes & some things you might not have thought of

    LinkedIn: Best Practices for your Brand

    Your personal brand & business brand are intertwined

    Whats (really) New in LinkedIn?

    The only constant is change

    Questions & Answers

    But, of course, ask throughout!

  • Other Social Media Platforms for Business

  • Twitter 140 characters to work with (1 billion+ users)

    Post photos5x the engagement vs. text only

    Post links to blogs , videos, Web site (47% of people who follow a brand on TW are likely to visit Website)

    Follow Business people

    Other realtors

    ANY interesting topic/person

    Create lists

    Retweet, favorite, & reply to build relationships

  • Instagram Its ALL visual photo-based (150m users; 75m use it daily)

    65% of the worlds top 100 brands have IG accounts

    You will be found & followed because of hashtags = #

    #realestate #homebuying #sandiego #views #missionvalley

    Unlimited number of characters available

    Post to Twitter & Facebook at the same time

    You can comment & be interactive with followers

  • Google+ Everyone with a gmail account now has a Google+ profile

    Works similarly to Facebook in terms of posting

    More actively used by businesses than individuals

    It is growing in popularity

    To like a post, click +1; share, click the arrow ->

    Hangouts where you can have group video / voice calls for free

    live group conversations (replacement for Skype)

    On air channel has a schedule of broadcast you can participate in

  • Pinterest Also VERY visual (70m users; 80% female)

    9m users have Pinterest connected to their FB

    Like an online magazine

    Users create boards & pin things to the boards

    create boards of any theme (Dream Home)

    Install the pin it button in your browser & pin just about anything

    on the Internet

    within Pinterest, you then re-pin pins from those you follow

    (most likely not an original pin from them)

  • Facebook Most familiar for everyone (1.26b users; 757m active daily)

    Growth has slowed, but remains where more people are

    Less (organically) useful now for business pages

    FB changed their algorithm

    To be seen you need to pay to boost posts

    Be sure to look at your insights to gauge when your followers

    are online & when you get the most engagement

  • Established 2003

    THE Social Network for Professionals

    No longer just a place to find a job!

  • By the Numbers 277 million users

    3 million business pages

    2.1 million groups

    1,500 school / university profiles

    40% of users check it daily

    1 billion endorsements

    Bottom line? Its an essential tool! Try to implement these recs a bit at a time

  • Basics - Homepage

  • Basics Homepage Menu

    Business Services: Jobs & advertising

    Upgrade: Premium services

    207 - # of invitations & messages

    I have in my inbox

    2 showing notifications, much

    like Facebook

    NEW: Showing you someone

    who recently joined LI

  • Basics Your Profile Make it complete!

  • Basics Your Profile Its all in the details

    A. This is separate from any title enteredtotally customizable & is whats visible in search results

    B. These fields are populated by LI, based on what you have entered in your work history

  • Basics This is your online resume,

    but plumped-up

    Use keywords in your summary / job descriptions

    Similar to keywords used in Website optimization

    These are words you want to be found by (Realtor, San Diego, Home buying, Home selling, etc.)

  • Basics Your Profile Now includes personal details

  • Details, Details, Details! LinkedIn is now working like a CRM system

  • Endorsements & Recommendations Endorsements (new)

    Connections endorse those skills you have listed

    They can also add new ones, which you can approve (or not)


    Request them from people you have worked with

    Review them before you approve adding to profile

    Give also, but you dont necessarily have to give to get

  • Improve Your Profile Click the Improve Your Profile Button

    You will be prompted to add details

    Add images/videos (new listings, tips, happy clients?)

  • Showcase your Business & Services In addition to your personal page, you can have a

    business page its an individual choice

    Under Interests, select Companies

    Companies you follow will display here (their latest updates)

    On the right side, theres a Create button

    Gives you an additional place to showcase the happenings of your business

    A place to brag

    Link-back to your Website

  • Showcase your Business & Services Great Example!

  • Adding Connections Two ways to do it:

    Swiftly / sweeping (time-saving)

    Deliberately / one at a time (authentically)


    If you get someones business card, add them

    Be sure to note how you met in the invite

    Dont add from your mobile

    It does not let you add a note

  • Connections vs. Contacts Connections

    1st Degree connections

    2nd Degree = someone youre

    connected to is connected to them

    Contacts (umbrella term)

    Someone youve saved

    or imported (wish list)

    Include a note re: how you

    met and/or Tag them

    Great way to sort

  • Tips for Growing your Network Search Alumni from your Schools

  • Tips for Growing your Network Join Groups

    (or create one but then you have to moderate it)

    People are more open to connecting with fellow group members (no e-mail required to request the connection)

    Choose a variety of your professional & personal interests

    Be present & active

  • Be Present & Active Within the groups you belong to

    Get involved in the conversations

    Ask questions to start

    a dialog

    Word of warning:

    Selling is frowned-

    upon within groups

    Comment or like posts

    from other members

  • Be Present & Active Post Updates regularly

    Each time you like or comment, your name is seen

    Each time you post an update, your name is seen

    Each time you update your profile, your name is seen

  • Be Present & Active Use the URL shortener in updates

  • Tips for Growing your Network Ask for Help!

  • LinkedIn E-mail Notifications You can control what email you receive (in settings)

  • Latest Changes in LinkedIn You can now block other users

    If a user blocks another LinkedIn member, the two will no longer have access to each other's profiles.

    If the users were connected, the connection will be broken, & neither user will be able to message the other.

    Members are not alerted when they are blocked.

    Select the drop-down arrow to right of the "send a message" button on that person's profile page; one of the options is "block or report."

  • Latest Changes in LinkedIn More detail is available regarding whos viewed your

    profile OLD Version:

  • Latest Changes in LinkedIn Now

  • Questions?

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