LinkedIn Pro Tips & How to Build Your Personal Brand

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  1. 1. Social Media & Sweets Brown Bag Lunch 2.25.15
  2. 2. Agenda O LinkedIn: What Is It, Pro Tips, & Benefits O Best practices for personal/business social media accounts O Understanding the nuances between different social channels and appropriate treatment of each O Tools to help you keep organized and consistent in your personal branding
  3. 3. O Facebook for professionals O 300 million registered users O Acquire & share expertise within its 2 million groups O Build a robust personal brand (more to come) O 41% of people report 500+ connections O Connections are gas in the tank of networking efforts
  4. 4. Whats the most popular feature? A) Posting status updates B) Company pages C) Whos viewed your profile D) Groups
  5. 5. Pro Tips O Customize your profile URL O Your public profile can be customized to what you want non-connections to see O Not a resume! O LinkedIn badges on your personal website (HTML codes) O Be active on LinkedIn Groups O Connecting with customers O Endorse and be endorsed
  6. 6. Requesting Connections O Only to people you know O Personalize email requests (e.g. we met at that tech conference last year)
  7. 7. Bonus Tips O Add link to your email signature O Standard ER signature will send with slides O Dont publish activity feed (e.g. Aaron updating R&D position from September) O Tell your story. Be creative and eye- catching. O Copyedit your profile
  8. 8. Have the Right Picture 11x more likely to be viewed if you have a photo Preferably not from Instagram Need a professional portrait? Ask a friend with a good camera, or let me know!
  9. 9. Personal Branding
  10. 10. Personal Branding O Craft your elevator pitch O When people ask what you do do they really understand? Its time to leave a lasting impression & stand out. O Be clear on the value, dont confuse anyone with fluffy terms O Less is more, and the ability to be succint takes a lot of introspection O Target your audience O Its not cast in iron stay current.
  11. 11. Example Statement Meet our Scottish Boiler man, John O John keeps families in Edinburgh (target audience) warm (value) through bespoken heating installations using only the most advanced German boilers (unique) Your turn!
  12. 12. Personal Website O Claim your name before its gone O O
  13. 13. Questions?