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  1. 1. In e L k d 151-1135 far CompcLLLwg Oomawa vqolatcs
  2. 2. #1: LIKE A JOURNALISTIndustrlal Intomet:Mlnds + Machlnes 1 F0. decaacs technoogy has ccnnccled p:up ' [mimosa (HOJAHy Thm u;yut mi?smr IL1kc427) Commont (2) Shnrc6E Where can yo here.htlpJ/ Inkd inIdSECTT1 day agoDon't bury the Iead.Concise introsand snappy headlines are more likely to result in higher engagement. u hnd the iatest on the lndustnal Internet Leam moreo" 1nd u
  3. 3. #2: A CLEAR CALLTO ACTION 7r Hootsulto Ofall o1our"8 Ips tor Social i boss:httpzl/ ovtly/ INM " iWhen compared to updates A I _ without Iinks,including a link can ' drive 2x the engagement.
  4. 4. #3: TO INVOLVE YOUR AUDIENCEStart a conversation by asking a question tnat is relevant to yourtarget audience.
  5. 5. #4: OR SOME TYPE OF RICH MEDIAAdone Campania:ma!nrwosx moro man 25% 01 mo" maritong budget on oolmualon mo iwicc as hkoly lo son huqhor convwson Iales Fina moro Insigna In 0m 2013 09h:Marketing Opllmlzarmn Survuy m'a gjaiiih!ip/ yw-zi1-.w. "l"il'c'it 9V 34 Stand out witn an eye-catcning image or some form of ricn media.Images generally result in a98% nigner comment rate.
  6. 6. #5: BEFORE POSTING DOUBLE CHECK THAT AN IMAGE APPEARSWhen Iinking to external content, make sure your update has a relevant image.
  7. 7. #6: TO ENCOURAGE SHARINGBlackock The surprising hislory of US Socia!Securtty and why i!no Ionger works:hnpz/ llnkciinl-Socia!Insecurity:Why America's Pensbon System is Brokenyouiubecom The American pansion system.strained by Iongar Iifespans and earlier retirement,poses a grave threat to the aconomy al large.Russ K exptains why this out-oi-date system is broken,and how we can change il. Links to YouTube videos play directly in the Linkedln feed and usually result in a 75% higher share rate.
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  13. 13. R i (iir i axl i -- i ii -:(T,i ,L;i _r_"g_i _gr i r u : i " ' r ' "A,i {i/ Track a| | available analytics.Pay attention to the audience targeting,types of content,time of day and freciuency that drive the most interactions - and do more of that!
  14. 14. z h/ .(E?F -'. 2>. i-,T5 r. t} g , . r i),ti _ f:I (*. < 4 x. .. L._. r. ,,r x M u .4CONTENT. Juggitng wonr and iamily rs nevor easy Our OMO shares some plxicai aavice hm floniorb ce IWSBZYIPresentaions Are Like Horn to anima Motherhood ma Carnet (n You're No!MS [email protected]"dC0m9Marina may-r) C) *Iorbcmcom This micia ss Dry Chnsm Carene.the ch-ei markotmg oiircer ci Xerox Marina Mayer (Photo creda Grorgo Mmlorsrm) trirtx- v r in ti:a pamway to qrea,r.i .1,i i,utrczn http vcmzm 13:3 Vi/ Ai r. The namrng a4 Nausea Mayer.37. B expeciant mattia.a;che!Boot!Ernployoes Malta usum.6mm ma. ..Sponsored Updates allow you to reach your target audience beyond614your followers.ldentify your top-performing content and sponsor it! l '73?171'773, griezrti rpruri5.v: "iw: : i PL?ai httpJ/ inkd. in/ SponsoredUpdateS
  16. 16. r xx / #15:: l : > . >i'.[lTO JUST THE WORK WEEK v " i.{9 Professionals engage withI 0 Sponsored Updates across devices 2 throughout the week,with strong engagement through the weekend. Consider adopting an always-on_ approach.
  17. 17. to Learw more go to. ..HTTP: //LNKDJN/ CONTENTMARKETING
  18. 18. In e L k d 151-1135 far CompcLLLwg Oomawa vqolatcs