Marketing and social media campaign on chocolates

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Marketing and Social Media Campaign

Marketing and Social Media CampaignPrachi Shastri, K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

Product chosen

Pitching Ideas to Brands on Social Media

Facebook CampaignPrint ad promotion on Website and Facebook pageNotifications(Facebook advert) about product modification, reach customers faster and are also very low priced compared to TVCsHappiness page can be created (ex. Happiness is sharing chocolate with your sibling and spreading love)

Facebook and Twitter CampaignUploading TVCs on YouTube and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter pages as these websites have huge amount of membersCreative ways in which chocolate can be eaten can be easily showcased (eg. Cheesecake, milk shake etc.)Special discounts on Childrens day, Valentines day etc. can be put to customers notice very soonCustomer engagement can be increased by putting up puzzles, games, quizzes on these pages

Twitter CampaignRequest customers to tweet their feedback about the chocolate on companys official Twitter page and put the Twitter page address on the back of products packaging

Scoopwhoop CampaignScoopwhoop facts list can be created and shared on Facebook Examples:10 best ads which stimulate you to buy chocolate 10 reasons why you should buy chocolates10 health benefits of eating dark chocolates

How to run Successful Social Media CampaignContinous bombarding on the minds of customers to form brand recall (ex. 2 interesting posts daily on Facebook, 5 tweets daily on Twitter)Customers positive feedbacks should be highlighted to stimulate sales through new customers or existing non regular customersA continous message should be depicted through all the media channelsPromotions should be done on companys official website also

SEO should be done on all the websites where promotions are doneMeasure the success of your campaign. If it is not satisfactory make necessary changes by conducting market research, customer satifation surveys etc. After the completion of campaign, regular follow ups with new customers should be taken

Market Research, Customer Surveys and Brand Awareness using the Digital Media Platform

Google forms can be designed in the form of surveys and can be floated on Facebook and Twitter pagesTwitter feedbacks of customers are a very good source for market reaseachPeople visiting website should be requested for their mail id and regular feedbacks can be taken from themEvaluation of Social Media CampaignsQuantitative metrics- data intensive and number orientedtrick is to pick the key metrics and not get diverted by the restthese metrics include unique visits, page views, followers, demographics, frequency, bounce rate, length of visit, or any other metric that's specificallydataoriented.Qualitative metrics-emotional component metrics (ex. If 75% of the people who comment on your product, mention it as cheap and only 25% call it inexpensive, that is an qualitative metric)several companies provide in-depth analysis of qualitative metrics online such as Nielson, Adobe Online Marketing Suite etc.

ROI metrics- what percentage of people are converted from a prospect to a customer on the e-commerce site, or how many people are converted from a prospect to a client on the B2B website, is the measure of the social media campaign on the basis of ROI metrics