Online Marketing for Mobile Apps

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Presentation for a local mobile development startup.


  • Launch a video (teaser) to introduce the product. Use paid traffic channels to put more eyeballs to your landing page or websites content (and increase subscriptions). Offer limited access to a beta version of the product (MVP) Pitch your story or the product to tech news sites (ex: Mashable, LifeHacker, TechCrunch, etc)
  • Create content assets that will be genuinely useful to your target users (aim to educate). Focus on topics that your target users will most likely search for over the web. Invest on visual content assets (rich images, video tutorials and/or infographics). Exemplify your brands unique selling point through your content efforts. Build a strong readership, to semi-automate social sharing, link building and brand discovery. Spend more time in content promotion (through link building and social media).
  • Identify the keywords that your target users will mostly likely use to find your product or the solutions that your product/sites content are able to provide. Be the best answer to all the possible queries that your target users might use in finding information through search engines. Build a strong online brand presence by getting mentions and links from other authoritative entities on the web as well as by improving the user activity and interactions within your website (usage data).
  • Be as comprehensive as you can with the product/apps description. Use high quality images or screenshots. Encourage users to leave a review/rating on your apps store listing. Try to acquire more users through other channels as well (since the more people downloading your app, the more visible itll be on app store).
  • Partner up with other brands whore servicing the same market (but are indirect competitors) through content collaboration (like contributing content on their websites on a regular basis, and having them contribute content to your site as well).
  • Reach out to industry influencers. Its easier to get them on board (as well as their followers), when youre really confident about your product.
  • Connect with journalists/publishers and tell them your startup/mobile apps story. You can also use Pitch Pigeon a service which can help you notify 200+ tech blogs about your app. You can also subscribe to HARO to connect with journalists (who writes about the industry youre in) where you can also get brand mentions when you offer yourself as a source for the news they are working on.
  • Guest blogging is one of the most effective user acquisition methods and also the best way to demonstrate how an app can be useful to its target users. Get published on popular blogs where your target audience are. The main rule in an effective guest blogging campaign is to ensure that youre giving away valuable information (by simply sharing your expertise about the topic).
  • Mobile Display Ads Paid Search Remarketing Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon)