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Here are some of the basic social media marketing techniques for reference.

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2. Social Media Marketing Today, mostcompanies usesocial mediamarketing togenerate anddistribute news orinformation viasocial networkingsites like Facebook,Google+ andothers. 3. Search Engines They also use social media optimization (SMO) to place thewebsite in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc. 4. Social Networks Most realtors, brokers and agents have found victory in sales,brand awareness and lead generation with the help of socialnetworks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube,Flickr and Instagram. In addition, they also use real estate platforms like Zillow,Trulia, Architizer and such others for their businesspromotions. 5. New Home Search As per the recent research, more than 80% of new or existinghome buyers begin to look for a home online, as well as thesame percentage of homeowners look to refinance theirmortgages. Today, the internet is proving itself to be a suitable warehouse for theenormous and detailed information that construct the real estateindustry. 6. Internet With the help of the internet,we can easily find lists, financialestimations, mortgage interestrates, mortgage glossary ofterms, and home informationvideos which can help you toget started from purchasing aforeclosure home to managingthe credit history and creditscore 7. Social Media Toolbox It is the bestsuggestion thatevery realtor shouldneed to maintaintheir companywebsites, blogs andother websites witha social mediatoolbox. 8. Social Media Marketing Techniques Blogs Content Crowd Sourcing RSS Feeds Groups Podcasts Profiles Polls Sharing Widgets 9. Conclusion Finally, social media hasbeen considered aspowerful tool ingenerating leads,businesses and buildtrust for real estateinvestors; because it isthe tool with everythingelse (i.e.) you can getanswers for what youput into it. 10. Thank You,Please Visit: