Reduce your time to hire with LinkedIn Talent Solutions

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How to decrease your cost per hire by using LinkedIn solutions

Riduci il time to hire con LinkedInLinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedLinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedTomaso GiustiMedia Solutions

Francesco CostanzoTalent Solutions

Agenda for the next 35 minutesLinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedTime to hire: what is it about?

LinkedIn Talent Solutions to reduce your time to hire

Conclusions: ready to start?

Time to hire: what is it about?

LinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedWhat is your current time to hire?

Which roles take the longest to recruit?

What is the business impact of a longer time to hire?

What are your key challenges to reducing time to hire?Process / Resource / Company Quality / Cost?

What are other variables that can affect on your time to hire? (ie: planning and needs definition process, hiring manager communication)

How do you currently measure time to hire?Time to fill / time to start?Overall average / by business unit / by role?

What do you currently use to track time to hire?Time to hire: what is it about?

Survey Methodology: In September 2011, LinkedIn conducted online interviews among 389 in-house corporate recruiters who work for Fortune 500 companies and reside in the United States. Participants were randomly invited from thousands of eligible recruiters and HR professionals registered on LinkedIn.comTime to hire: what is it about?LinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedTime to hire: what is it about?Low Cost, High speed but not great quality poor selection and screeningLinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedTime to hire: what is it about?Low Cost, High quality but takes longer direct sourcing early on before the pipeline has been establishedLinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedTime to hire: what is it about?Fast and good quality but high cost usually represents good agency serviceLinkedIn Confidential 2012 All Rights ReservedTime to hire: what is it about?Time to start/hire

The time between a requisition open date to the time that the person starts

Time to fill/offer

The time between a requisition open date to the time that an offer is accepted

Time to hire: what is it about?

Time to hire: what is it about?

Time to hire: what is it about?

LinkedIn Talent Solutions to reduce your time to hire

Often candidates dont know anything about your company and cultureAt events, collecting information manually is cumbersome and error-pronePoor tracking and follow-up results in lost leads after the eventEmployees the ambassadors of your company but who knows it?Recruiting candidates is difficult todayWhether youre collecting resumes or spreadsheets of candidate information14

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedMeet Giulia! She graduated one year ago and she is doing an internship in Marketing. By the way she keeps her eyes open for new opportunities.Script: Before we talk about best practices, lets see what students are doing on LinkedIn. This new generation of students, called Gen C, which stands for Content, is very tech-savvy; social is their native habitat. They grew up using Social Networks; they primarily use LinkedIn to research companies, explore trends, and get inside scoop on careers from classmates, friends & family. Students, by definition, are active candidates. They are looking for a job and if the info is out there, they will find it. Their behaviors are very different from passive candidates. This generation is quick, connected and engaged. Surprisingly, they know exactly what to do when they join LinkedIn.

Really? Generation C? C stands for Content. These are digital natives. Next generation of young professionals (born 1990-2004)More info: is not actively looking for a job, but she establishes and keeps up to date her professional identity on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedInternship in MarketingScript: First order of business is to establish an identity. The LinkedIn profile was previously a basic title and company form. This profile didnt jive with this new Generation C where content matters. They spoke, we heard, and we changed. The LinkedIn profile now enables students to express their creativity; they can enter information about their education such as test scores, schools, degree of study as well as media content. Many of these facets are now searchable and targetable to help you find and reach out to the right candidate. Students can now create rich profiles even without actual work experience.16

Giulia visits quite often, since its the hub for any professional news and job opportunity and she finds Great visual communication(and the banner is clickable)Culture and values displayed through text and rich mediaClear messages that speak to Marketing professionalsJobs that fit the Marketing professionalsNISC 17Giulia is in love with NISC because she knows exactly whats in it for her!


Collecting details / paper resumes is cumbersomeIncreasing competition results in lost leadsPoor visibility into event and pipeline activity (ROI)LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedGiulia goes to a career fair to meet potential employers and she knows NISC will be there as wellNow we are going to talk about a brand new product CheckIn.19

Capture leads at events instantlyand manage them in LinkedIn Recruiter, so you never miss a lead again!After wondering around and queuing, Giulia finds NISC stands and there she meets CheckIn20Connect your offline interactions with an online networkGet a true picture of your events by capturing & managing candidates leads all in LinkedIn Recruiter.Simple. Mobile. Data-driven.LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedAnd she meets a new way to apply at events!

Introduce CheckIn create a campus event interface where students / prospects can quickly and easily register their interest.Effortlessly improve campus recruiting efficiency by automating the process of gathering and managing leads in LinkedIn RecruiterGet a true picture of your events by capturing & managing student leads all in LinkedIn Recruiter.


Looking for a super Brand Management ExperienceGiulia Roja

Thanks, Giulia!Weve got all the info we need.Instantly capture event leads using a simple interface, connected to the LinkedIn network

Engage immediately with automatic communication, pipelining tools, and up-to-date LinkedIn profile activityTrack results over time, including number of event leads and where they went27CheckIn lets recruiters...

so you never miss an event lead again! Script: In summary, CheckIn enables you toInstantly capture event leads connected to LinkedInEngage immediately with automatic communication and pipelining toolsTrack results over time, to help you get insights into how your org is performing at events vis--vis your peers

27Where all these applications go? LinkedIn Recruiter!

2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

But what is exactly LinkedIn Recruiter?

Filter for candidates who provided specific answers to the questions you asked in the CheckIn form. Only accessible from Candidates linkGuess who you can find in recruiter?

LinkedIn RecruiterMake your teams ultra efficientBoost productivity Get your team on the same pageMaintain sourcing activityRecruiter will make your best recruiters even better and your less successful recruiters as good as your best:

Boost Productivity: Multiple tools to get to talent faster.

Recruiter boosts productivity: 1-to-many InMails and saved templates let you contact more candidates in less time Saved Searches and Search alerts let you find new talent that matches your criteria even when youre working on something else. You can be the first to get to candidates! Project folders let you stay on top of each search by saving the Req, search queries, interesting profiles and more in the same work space

Get your Team on the same Page: Visibility into colleagues projects, notes on candidates and more.

Get all your recruiters on the same page:No more duplication of effort or stepping on each others toes.With shared folders, your team can share notes on candidates, searches, contact history and InMail templates.

Maintain Sourcing Activity: Team activity history stays with your company

Dont lose weeks & months of work when your recruiters leave your team:Unlike with personal accounts, the sourcing activity and history of a seat holder does vanish when a recruiter leaves but can be re-assigned to another team member.

And we also help you with your OFCCP compliance efforts. 40

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedAfter a couple of interviews, Giulia is now a (happy!) Brand Specialist at NISC. She loves her job and her colleagues think she is the right fit for it.

Do you want to hire more people like her? 41

LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedNothing easier! Just leverage your employees network: Talent attracts Talent!

Giulia RojoBrand and Social Advertisement specialist I love my job!Milano, Italia IT & Services

Brand Specialist at NISC

Make sure people see your brand every time they interact with your employeesBoost visibility of jobs and career opportunities42More than 80% of candidates believe that current employees are credible sources of information about organizations

Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) surveyLinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights ReservedYour employees are