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Smart insights about content marketing strategy: Who do you want to attract?Good content strategy is like good journalism, it focuses on the story you have to tell and the audience that you want to attract.Every article should answer the five Ws: Who, what, when, where and why. But unlike journalism, content strategy should begin with the WHY.1) Why are you creating the content youre creating?The cornerstone of any content strategy is to match what you want to produce with your business objectives and strategic goals, the main question you have to answer is : How will your content strategy integrate with your other strategic efforts?2) Who are you ? And who are your audience?Who are you? Whats unique about you? And what is your point of view? Who are the members of your target audience? What are their preferences? Are they online of offline? What types of media and which platforms resonate with them? Who can help them and improve their living? As Dr. Karl Blanks says: you must know your customers very well enough to know what their biggest problems are.3) What do you want from your content to achieve?What effect do you want your content to have? What action do you want your customers to take? And which metrics you will use to measure their behavior and define the success of your efforts?4) When and how are you going to develop your content?How can you present the content in a way that best engages the intended audience? Whats your budget? By what process are you going to create the stuff you need to create? Whats your publishing schedule?5) Where are you going to publish your content?How is your content going to be found, accessed and shared, youll be more effective if you take the time to determine why are you going to be creating before you actually create.You have an image inside your head of the types of content you want to create. The truth is that without a big-picture thinking of a strategic plan, you are doomed yo fail. So keep your dreams alive but set them to meet one of the following four objectives: To attract new customers To raise awareness about your company and create buzz about it To share more information about your company online to make it easier for people to find you To foster your community and give them a reason to tell others about youMohamed El khomsi //Twitter: @elkhomsi_moh // Gmail:


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