Social geolocation : Why it matters to your business ?

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More than a quarter of American adults use mobile or social location-based services. Learn what social geolocation is, how it works and how to tap into its potential. Discover who the users are and the breakdown of geosocial vs. location-based services vs. automatic location-tagging users. Successful tourism case studies reveal how to drive your business and influence your customers with social geolocation.


<ul><li>1.Social geolocation:Why it matters to your business?NSAA National Convention &amp; Tradeshow - May 6-9, 2012San Antonio, TX</li></ul> <p>2. es tG reat th !ah : n Ear Ut r o e powd 26267 ski areas,tinentscountries, 5 conPl a y heven ard, wo Armelle e rk hard Solelhac r ! he Around T L o veiders orldIn Heaven from T R(ly)...ellurid We! 3. Experiential Marketing &amp; Digital Mountain destinations, outdoor Communication Agency sports brands &amp; Media 4. What are The 6 ingredients thatcreate fans? 5. - Beauty - Suspense- Scarcity - Humor- Surprise - The secret ingredient 6. What is your biggestfear ? 7. 1. Dying in terrible pain or suffering2. Running from a disease out of money6. Being bored and no longeror having a lifebeing ablethat does not to supportmake senseoneself5. The consequences of climate change 3. Spiders on theand/or snakes environment andpublic health4. Being lost and not finding ones way 8. What Are Geosocial andLocation-Based Services? 9. A web or a mobile service based on the use of geographic data in theservice of members as part of social interactions with their networkand / or local players. 10. Geosocial Networking : Social networking usesgeographic services and capabilities, such asgeocoding and geotagging, to enable additionalsocial dynamics.Location-based services : Information orentertainment service utilizes the geographic position of amobile device through a network. 11. Mobile + Location + Real time +Status + Friends/a socialcommunity 12. 2 types of tools: Directories and Social Gaming &amp; Shoppingplatforms 13. 83% of all American adults ages 18 and older own a cell phone,66% of them own a smartphone 58% of smartphone owners use a geosocial orlocation-based information service 14. Smartphone Penetration by Age and Income (Jan. 2012) Figure credit : Nielsen 15. 55% of smartphone users get location-baseddirections or recommendations12% of smartphone users use ageosocial service like foursquare 16. Breakdown ofWxc Breakdown of LBS Breakdown ofSocial media users &amp;geosocial users usersgeosocial and LBS automatic location- users tagging users 17. People dont buy what you do,they buy why you do it.Simon Sinek 18. Social media are about people, not about moneyFigure credit : Lost in Geolocation Why Consumers Havent Bought It and How Marketers Can Fix It by Will Reese and Jamie Beckland / White Horse Inc., Spring 2011 19. Growingsegmentation, targeting andknowledgeofconsumption patterns of customers 20. Powerful tools forcommunication and promotionof a businessora destination 21. Opportunityto createan innovative marketing campaignwithsocialshopping, couponning,incentive and viral operations, etc. 22. Create exclusive and specific offers : Free for Mayors,discounts in exchange of check-in or tips, etc. 23. Launch Street marketing events in the real world 24. 3 Messages to take home 25. Location-based services have not yet reachedthe tipping pointThe chief barriers today are a lack of clear perceived benefit and privacy fears 26. Just dont do it to do it!Marketers will need to create and test new geolocation experiences thatare not generic but relevant to a particular brand and audience 27. Digital tourism is now SoLoMoCo! 28. WHY NOT! 29. Sources 1/2Marketing &amp; Communication Studies &amp; Books: 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by &amp; 2010 Michael A. Stelzner Engage!: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web by Brian Solis Marketing et Golocalisation Sociale by Clment Vouillon, with the participation of Louis Andr, ditions Diateino, 2011 Design motionnel, by Aarron Walter, Ed. Eyrolles, Collection A Book Apart, 2011 Le jeu comme nouveau mdia, lespace physique comme terrain de jeu, by Sylvain Bailly, 2011 JADOOORE, 6 ingredients to create fans by Kenazart Experience Designers, Patricia Gallot-Lavalle, 2012 Lost in Geolocation Why Consumers Havent Bought It and How Marketers Can Fix It by Will Reese and Jamie Beckland / White Horse Inc.Websites :;utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+2803+%282803%2C+le+blog%29&amp;utm_content=Google+International 30. Sources 2/2 Pictures : All right reserved (Afraid boy) (Kitchenaid Robot) (Yellow pages book) (Simon Sinek) (Mini Cooper) Armelle Solelhac Private Collection (Neige de Culture at Serre Chevalier + pictures from slide 2 &amp; 4) (Gowalla Operation in Park City, UT) - Mount Snow, VT (USA) (Eiffle Tower) (Note to self) (Matches) (Just dont - Korean Anti-Drug Center / Ministery of Public Health) ai-1904-charcot-au-pole-sud.html (Why not !) (10 Telephones insolites) Other pictures : All right reserved 31. 15 Avenue du Thiou 1060 Tiger Tail Dr 74000 Annecy Riverside, CA 92506FranceUSA Tel. + 33 (0) 450 275 349 Cell. + 33 (0) 675 705 859info@switchconsulting.frwww.switchconsulting.frFollow us on </p>