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Based on the insight that Indian consumers loves to be spoilt for choice and prefers to check out more options before making the final purchase decision, Amazon India had rolled out #AurDikhao , a digital campaign powered by a two-minute film and loads of social media conversations asking popular folks to show more from what theyd already had.AUR DIKHAO

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Snapdeals recent digital campaign Dil ki deal was launched with the vision to create Indias most impactful digital commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for all of its buyers and sellers. Where the focus of this campaign was on the emotional fulfilment for its consumers.DIL KI DEAL

To view this presentation, first, turn up your volume and second, launch the self-running slide show.3

The e-commerce giant Flipkart came out with a new digital communication video Flipkart Wish Chain, incorporating the fresh brand identity and speaking about the wish-fulfilling capabilities of the brand. This campaign emotionally connects with all consumer groups making them instantly connect to Flipkart. The campaign has increased brand awareness, brand identity and also consumer base.AB HAR WISH HOGI PURI

Presentations are a powerful communication medium.


BE YOUFashion has always been an individuals expression of their belief of themselves, repeating their uniqueness as individuals,, Indias leading online fashion destination, is to encouraging the youth to be comfortable in their own skin by launching a new brand campaign on the theme Be You. This campaign makes the youth realise where their true identity lies rather than chasing the latest fad.

For more than 20 years, Duarte has developed presentations5

BOLD IS BEAUTIFULThe brand campaign stands for your choices make you bold, your boldness makes you beautiful it celebrates the bold youThey use the social media platform by using bold concepts to advertise thus making them more attractive to the consumers.

to launch products, 6

YATRA.COMEXPEDIA.COMMAKE MY TRIP.COMShows country's famous destination

Platform to solve customer queries

Weekly advises to visit interesting places

Holds contests to offer exciting prices

Gives facts about countriesShows countrys culture

Gives travel tips

Posts photos of country cuisines

Posts photos of unique world heritage sites

Showcases countrys nature Shows to-do activities in countries

Reasons to travel to particular countries

Posts on special festive offers as well as discounts on hotels and flight tickets

Holds contest to offer free trips to winners.

align employees, 7

YATRA.COMEXPEDIA.COMMAKE MY TRIP.COMUses as a platform to solve customer queries

Notifies customers regarding transactions

Gives festival celebration facts during festive season Emphasis on winners, winning its contest for a trip to specific destination

Books flight tickets

offers info on flight timings

offers gift vouchers

provides discounts on hotels Gives interesting facts of countries

Offers travel discount

platform to highlight unique places

attractive deals to offer on hotels

increase company value,8

YATRA.COMEXPEDIA.COMMAKE MY TRIP.COMHumorous advertisements to appeal customers

Advertises the travel packages it has to offer

Posts videos monthlyUses the platform to become a travel guide to showcase attractions of cities

Has destinations grouped according to the continents

Posts videos daily Showcase more family oriented advertisements

Gives info on hotels through videos

Posts videos weekly

and propel9

SUMMARYUsing Social Media Marketing does more than improve site traffic. It can help a business reach more and more customers in a little amount of time. It provides a valuable venue for better understanding and learning from your target audience and accordingly providing them what they need at the right time.Hope this presentation has helped you to understand the how the proper usage of social media marketing can help any business to capture its audience effectively.

global causes.10