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Kristine the Law Student

BackgroundGraduated from the Florida State UniversityCompleting her Juris Doctorate with a concentration in Estate PlanningCompleted an externship with UF Health Shands Risk Management for 4 monthsLives with her grandmother and has one dogDemographicsFemaleAge 22-25 years oldSuburbanUnemployedBachelors Degree

IdentifiersMultitaskedTime-orientedPlans her days and weeks according to her class scheduleStays up late and wakes up early to complete her readings and classwork

Kristine the Law Student

GoalsTo graduate top of her classTo manage time efficientlyTo eventually snag a job in the Real Estate Law industry

Challenges To complete all of her assignments while also taking care of her dogBeing able to focus on her school work while studying for the bar examNot falling asleep while in class and doing other class related workHow We Help:We give Kristine the energy she needs to get her through those hard mornings and late nights.By using the rewards system, with every Starbucks coffee she drinks, shes one step closer to getting a free coffee or pastry.

Kristine the Law Student

Real Quotes: Starbucks is one of the reasons I can actually wake up and be alert for my early morning Evidence classes.Without it I would be sleeping in class.Other than its somewhat inflated price tag, trying to get to Starbucks at a time where the drive thru line isnt 20 cars long in the morning is a challenge.

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Kristine the Law Student

Marketing MessageWe provide you with quality coffee and excellent service to help make your day as productive as possible, while giving you an experience like no other coffee house can. The ultimate beverage to get you through the dayElevator PitchSocial Media MessagingKristine the Law Student uses Facebook so she is able to write lengthy posts full of facts and statistics that prove her claims or disprove others false claims.She would most likely already have Liked Starbucks Facebook Page so she is aware of promotions and releases of drinks.She would also be on Pinterest researching new recipes and finding ways to make Starbucks drinks with her Starbucks Verismo coffee maker.