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Is the Skyline a convention does Entertainment weekly feature books TV shows and music, as your cover does not refer to any of these. Better photo however your character is positioned to the lef and looking off screen to the left, consider moving him over to the right, that way he would be looking into the picture instead of outside it. There are a few areas with quite a lot of negative space, I would look to see what other articles or information you could include to draw in your audience. I would consider lowering your subject so less of his head is covered by mast head, alternatively consider having part of your subjects head in front of mast head if that is a convention. Change skyline font, consider having it the same as the font from stories, and definitely change colour, maybe yellow, similar to Hollow town colour. Change wording of Hollow Town Headline, maybe behind the scenes or on-set with This Years most Intense Thriller. Change The New Years must see movies layout is a bit awkward. I would definitely recommend at least one more story idea somewhere. Hope This helps. M. Thomas