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The Changing Newsroom

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  • 1. The ChangingNewsroom

2. Currently the online host for CBCKitchener-Waterloo. Ive worked as a producer in TVnews, as a reporter/photographerfor a wire service, an assistantfilm editor, in online news andradio.A bit about me 3. The first new CBC Radio station inOntario in 35 years. Last was CBCSSudbury in 1978.CBC Kitchener-Waterloo 4. Then and now 5. Were no longer the voice from on high We must be interactive and responsive Outlets that arent responsive lose opportunitiesThe changing media landscape 6. Story ideas suggested by the public What are people are talking about? Whats happening in the area? What do you think of our coverage? Breaking newsConversations 7. The most important toolfor journalists 8. Find breaking news andchase potential sources Create and interact withsite community Share our stories andupdates CorrectionsWhy we use Twitter 9. Can use Facebookto supplementsearches Not as open, so notas useful Facebook algorithmsconstantly changeFacebook 10. How do you findsomeone? 11. Topsy is your friend Search on Google using name, location,phone number prefixes Search on Twitter by keywords, hashtagsand userNarrow it down 12. Geocode Search 13. New tools 14. Is it real?Verify, Verify, Verify 15. When was it posted? Where? Are others in the area posting about this? What do you know about the user? When did theyjoin the network? What do their other posts looklike? Can you ask someone who knows the area? Thestory? Does it look familiar? Is it too good to be true?Is it real? 16. Google image search 17. Canada V Russia onTwitter 18. Canada V Russia onTwitter 19. St. Jacobs Market Fire 20. The tweet we saw 21. Naheed Nenshi and theCalgary Floods 22. Naheed Nenshi and theCalgary Floods 23. Nenshi now 24. Fun