The creation of the school magazine front cover

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<ol><li> 1. The creation of the school magazine front cover </li><li> 2. I started my front cover of my school magazine by cutting out the image I wanted to use for the front cover and making any changes to the saturation and brightness to make my image appear more suitable for a front cover of the school magazine. </li><li> 3. When the image of my choice was edited to what I thought was appropriate, I was able to make a background for my magazine front cover. I chose a pale orange background and I then started to make patches of white where my coverlines and sublines would be located on the front cover, I made sure this was not covering my image. </li><li> 4. When I had planned for my coverlines and sublines I was then able to create my masthead which I knew had to stand out and be the biggest piece of text and definitely stand out. I made the text white and the background behind it purple. </li><li> 5. Once the masthead was completed I focused on the main coverline for the front cover. I wanted to include alliteration for my main coverline and use a drop capital. My colour scheme was purple, orange and yellow so the coverline was orange </li><li> 6. Once the main coverline was on the front cover I decided to add the other coverlines around the edges of my image, which included the feature articles of my magazine. </li><li> 7. To add the last detail to my front cover I added a barcode to the right hand corner </li></ol>