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<p>The Killers - Sams town CD digi pack analysis </p> <p>The digi pack I am analysing is the Killers' album, Sam's Town, The digi pack is in grayscale singling out the album name on the front cover. The greyscale which is carried out throughout is typical of the indie genre. The front cover appears to be in a retro style The font of the band name is written in bold text which stands out against the text underneath which is the name of the album, this is written in fancy italics. The font of the bands name contrasts with the dated feel in which the album has as it is much more modern compared to the black and white, old feel in which the cd digi pack has to it The killers logo is their bands name and is well known and recognised easily. The logo appears on their merchandise, their albums and their advertisements. The title of this album is Sams town The album title is the only part throughout the whole album in which contains colour, making the album name stand out. The artwork in this digipak is extremely unique and doesnt seem to link to the album itself. One of the most striking image on the digipack is the goat/ram. Its horns follow the circle of the cd and it is fairly unusual for a cd to have a picture like this without it being related to the band.The back cover is probably the most important part of the digipak, it contains the majority of the institutional information including, copyright information, the barcode and the track listing. There are typical indie conventions which are on the back cover, there is a large image of the band printed on it, which is normally on the front cover, the way in which they are posing is typical of the indie rock genre as they are each stood in a typical indie pose. This wide shot reveals their body language which suggests theyre quite cool and relaxed, this relates to their music which is indie-rock. Their style of clothing also reflects the genre, as the band is dressed smart casual. The song list on the back cover is simplistic in a small font and they are numbered so that the viewer can identify the order of songs. The font colour is white which contrasts against the black and the bands dark clothing. A website is clearly marked on the digi pack which gives the audience an opportunity to find out more about the band. The black and white colour scheme of the album sets the tone of the indie-rock band. Visually the album is targeting mainly males, due to the use of thefemale model in abikini. Aswell as the model, there is also a ram, which is continued throughout the digi pack. There is an image of a desert, giving a western feel to the album, the inside book cover is also simple as it is a photo of a ram. However it links to the front cover and the cd which also has a ram on it. The close up of the animal represents power and shows structure of the digi pack as the animal is used on three parts of the digi pack. The rams horns wrap around the inside of the disc. Showing an interesting pattern. The ram is a symbolism for leadership, power and authority. However it is also a symbol of satan. Relating to songs within the album as they all consist of lyrics about the devil. Inside the case the same image used upon the CD of the rams head is duplicated within the case itself. The mise en scene and the use of black and white, along with the bands proxemics show that the band are an indie-rock band.</p>